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[Solved] Ethics Journal Asssignment

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[Solved] Ethics Journal Asssignment

Ethics Journal Asssignment

Write a personla journalentry regarding the ehtical views of the following seven philosophers Plato,Aristotle,Epicurus,Saint Thomas Aquinas , Jeremy Bentham, John Rawls and G.A. Cohen. Journal entry should be reflective, meaning that your words should be written thoughtfully and insightfully. In true journal fashion. Use imagination, thoughtfulness and creativity to respond to each philosophers ethical views.
ETHICAL JOURNALNameInstitution affiliationCourseDate of SubmissionEthical JournalYear 2013# Day 28As a person who appreciates philosophy today I went to a public lecture where the key speaker was one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Plato. He advocated to us a eudemonistic ethic that is virtue based, and spoke with passion his believe human-well being or ‘eudemonia` as the key moral anchor and character; virtues being the requisite skills and character attributes. During the question and answer time I sought to find out about his support for the ethics of happiness which has been suppressed, and challenged from time to time largely because his belief of happiness doesn`t reflect with the commoners perception of happiness. I must say that I was baffled by his response, at the onset he seemed to undermine, if not correct the typical ordinary persons understanding of what good life entails and indeed tried to recruit us to subscribe to his own perceptions.Additionally, I realized Plato considers happiness as an attitude that that comes out perfection, which is substantially difficult to fathom for me, since it is founded on metaphysical presuppositions that are flimsy and hazy for common understanding. He also advocates for the separation of the body and the soul, where the soul stays aloof from the good tidings that the body luxuriates in, however, living in a community demands that we subordinate our own wishes and aims. I took the earliest opportunity to probe him further since I believe that there is an inconsistence in his ethical views because during his entire life, those thoughts have been through quite a bit of modifications. In his early works, there was not the slightest suggestion that the quest to the good life goes out of the human realm.Year 2013# Day 29I find Aristotle interesting. After finishing reading his ‘Philosophers of our Time` column on yesterdays daily, today I decided to look for him so that we can have a small philosopher to philosopher conversation. I called his office and was booked for an afternoon appointment. When I met him I thought he was a bit terse, but I hanged on. I wanted to know why he believes that conduct has a major role in ones habit. He emphasized that virtues are the habits. He was insistent that the ethical virtues of courage, ju...

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[Solved] Ethics Journal Asssignment [Solved] Ethics Journal Asssignment
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