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Environmental impact of Mountaintop Removal

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Environmental impact of Mountaintop Removal

Environmental impact of Mountaintop Removal

Please write a researched argument on a topic of your choice, the more current the better. Use MLA format, including a works cited list and parenthetical citations. Cite naysayers also needs atleast 7 sources. Basically i want the paper to be about how Despite the environmental disadvantages of mountaintop removal, it remains a necessary part of America`s energy portfolio. But you know how to write a good paper so make it a researched arugment about mountain top removal
NameCourse Title:Institution:Course Instructor:Date of Submission:Environmental impact of Mountaintop RemovalIntroductionMountain top removal is a form of mining that is preferred by mining companies, as it is a quick and cheap method of coal extraction (Burns, Evans and House 52). However, it has detrimental effects on the environment and local communities nearby the mining sites. Communities are forced to relocate to other areas when the effects that have a high health impact become unbearable (Humphries 28).This paper shall give an elaborate account of the process of mountain top removal and show how the process affects the environment.Mountain top removal is practices for purposes of extracting coal deposits. Coal is an important source of energy for America. Appalachia is the most explored area for purposes of coal extraction through mountain top removal. According to an article titled Coal mining and the role of public, the area includes Southern Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee (2). This form of coal extraction destroys large land area through the use of explosives. The explosives blow large land mass with the intention to expose the location of deposits of coal (Howard 25). This results in untold damage of the mountain`s ecosystem as well as difficult circumstances for the community. The large amounts of coal dust emitted from the explosion circulate in the air and pose a health threat to the community. Additionally, pollution of the water reservoirs forces populations into new habitable locations (Humphries 28). Mountain top mining companies are driven by the desire to make high profits. They resort to this method as it allows for cheaper and faster extraction of coal which drawing large profits. In fact, it has been noted that mountain top removal is the cost effective technic of mining dating from the 1990s (Clark 28). Coal is on high demand in America and to meet this demand, mining companies are willing to destroy the environment without considering the long-term consequences. The process of mountain top removal The first step in the process involves clearing of the target land area. This is done to ensure that the top soil and other important species. Most companies are required to do a thorough assessment of the plant life on the ecosystem before launching the explosions. The top layer of the area is then carefully stored as it may be used for reclamation of that portion of the mountain afte...

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Environmental impact of Mountaintop Removal Environmental impact of Mountaintop Removal
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