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Environmental Bill of Rights Registry

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Environmental Bill of Rights Registry

Environmental Bill of Rights Registry


For this Law assignment, your suppose to be writing Environmental Bill Of Rights. Basically what needs to be done is that you go on a website, u find a court case(proposal) that is electronically accessible and then u write this bill of right.This is for a Law course and you need to be finding the electronic court case from the website that is given on instructions. Explore the site and pick a proposal,new law and regulation that has not yet been accepted. Dont comment on the law or approval. Comment on weather if its a good method or not. You need to do a critical analysis on the method, not on the approval.

Focus is if you have enough information to comment about, there is no need to have pros or cons. So take position in this paper i.e. I believe government should implement the policy to ban the coal power industries because of a b c reasons ( pollution,high damage to ozone layer etc). You don’t need to agree or disagree. Just take position and crystallize the comment you have. 

I have uploaded the detailed instructions and websites for what needs to be in the paper, including the structure and questions that needs to be answered.I have also uploaded the course outline to get a sense of what the class is about. Please be very very concise and exact on the point.



Environmental Bill Of Rights (EBR) Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) The Ontarians have over time had a positive experience through the use of the Environmental Bill of Rights tool that saw the development of a public action on the wetland policies that have heavily affected the environment. It i


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Environmental Bill of Rights Registry Environmental Bill of Rights Registry
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