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Employee Free Chioce Act

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Employee Free Chioce Act

Employee Free Chioce Act

Instructions: Double spaced with abstract, 6 pages not including reference pages or abstract. paper must reflect APA style and contain at least three references other than the book, which may include Internet sources, professional journal articles, or other resources related to the profession. Book: Heavrin, M. R. (2010). Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining. upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. Paper Information: Much political effort has been given to the passage and implementation of the “Employee Free Choice Act.” Your local U.S. representative has asked you, the local HR group president, to submit a position paper to her regarding the HR group`s position on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed legislation. Your work could influence the Representative`s vote – make your arguments fact based and strong.
Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) Name Course University Tutor Date Abstract The Employee Free Choice Act if implemented would lead to great changes in the National Labor Relations Act (NRLA). It would modify the NRLA such that it will be able to: legalize labor unions as the selected bargaining representative of workers, through union authorization cards signed by workers without the need of secret ballot papers; the power of NRLB would be increased over employer`s mistreatment during organizing campaigns. On the other hand if EFCA is enacted it may have a negative impact on small businesses that have no skill or personnel to represent them during the negotiation process (Schneid, 2010). Small businesses are important contributors to the U.S. economy, because they are responsible for creating employment opportunities. In addition, some of the small businesses may become tomorrow`s great companies. However, EFCA will be expensive to small businesses and this may result to unsuccessful businesses due to financial difficulties. (Karabegovic, Gainer & Veldhuis, 2007). . Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) The Employee Free Choice Act should be implemented to help resolve the US labor law. The labor law damages the right of employees to liberally decide whether to create a union. Employee`s right to manage and negotiate well is founded under global human rights law. The United States being a member of the International Labor Organiz...

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Employee Free Chioce Act Employee Free Chioce Act
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