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Embryonic stem cells: (Industry part)

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Embryonic stem cells: (Industry part)

Aims of the group project task

  • To give you practice at searching for published literature
  • To give you practice at reading and understanding published research
  • To give you a chance to explore ethical issues in biology
  • To give you experience of planning and undertaking a group project


Embryonic stem cells: (Industry part)

Things to think about:

  • What are embryonic stem cells and what uses for them have been tested?
  • What ethical issues arise in experiments involving embryonic stem cells and their medical applications?


1. Importance for society

Why is this issue in the news? Who would care and why? What ethical implications are brought up by this topic or the way in which research into the topic is conducted?


2. How this topic has been written about for different audiences including how reporting has changed over time if appropriate (e.g. writing in the media versus in the scientific literature).

What differences do you notice in the tone and types of arguments used when this topic is being written about for different purposes or at different times? Think about the format and language used for different intended audiences. Use examples to illustrate your point.


3. Data interpretation, e.g. what the evidence is that supports or contradicts this story

What evidence is there in the scientific literature to support or oppose the various different arguments in your topic? You must critically analyse the data.


In all sections, you should include evidence to get your point across. This should be from scientific literature where possible, but you may also need to refer to reputable websites and other sources.


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Embryonic stem cells: (Industry part) Embryonic stem cells: (Industry part)
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