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Edward Snowden – Patriot or Traitor? - ESSAY

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Edward Snowden – Patriot or Traitor? - ESSAY

Edward Joseph Snowden is an American computer professional and former CIA employee working in computer network security. During his time working for the CIA and sub-contracted to companies working on Government projects, he accessed and downloaded thousands of secure documents related to US and other national electronic surveillance and spying programs. He began leaking these documents via contacts made with a journalist, Glenn Greenwald, at The Guardian newspaper and a Swedish documentary filmmaker, Laura Poitras.


Section 1: Literature Survey (200 words)                                                                      

This section must include:

  • An initial statement which defines the scope of the review, this should include a description of any initial research you undertook
  • Creation of a spider diagram or relevance tree to visualise the scope
  • A bibliography listing sources you found relevant and those discarded with a reason why, using the Harvard method must include:
  • an understanding of the events between Edward Snowden’s initial employment at the CIA and the present day
  • the legal, moral and ethical issues at play
  • a clear visual representation of the factors which were explored in gathering literature relevant to the review
  • a well formed, and correctly specified bibliography


Section 2: Critical Reading (300 words)                                                                         

This section should take 3 selected texts from your bibliography and show how you have applied critical reading to them.

In each case the text provided should detail:

  • a statement of the key factors addressed
  • any assumptions the author has made
  • whether the authors argument is logical and why
  • what the strengths and weaknesses in the authors argument
  • how the material relates to the scope of your literature review

Section 3: Critical Evaluation (300 words)                                                                     

This section should bring together the key factors from all chosen sources, from all sides of the argument and to these arguments you will start developing your point of view.

The text in this section should detail:

  • arguments and counter arguments with supporting evidence, citations and references
  • your point of view based on reflection
  • a sensible ordering of all the key factors detailed
  • a thorough, fair and balance treatment to the argument and counter argument
  • evidence of reflection leading to the formation of a viewpoint on these issues

Section 4: Conclusions (200 words)                                                                                

The final part of the assessment report provides a concluding statement.

This outlines will provide a concise argued statement of your viewpoint about the topic. It should include references to the key arguments in the Critical Evaluation, allowing reference to supporting and counter arguments from the literature reviewed. It should be obvious what your viewpoint.

Must include:

  • a clear statement of your viewpoint, with a set of organised statements supporting this viewpoint
  • clear and relevant cross referencing to the Critical Evaluation section


Note: Please layout your essay with a heading as specified in the Introduction or similar, ensure that each section is clearly labelled and includes the relevant components. The bibliography in Section 1 must be used as the references for citations in the other sections of the work.


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Edward Snowden – Patriot or Traitor? - ESSAY Edward Snowden – Patriot or Traitor? - ESSAY
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