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Ecology and Religion

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Ecology and Religion

Ecology and Religion

I will give you a paper that`s already done. Basically, I need you to add three more pages onto that paper. The paper discusses the theme of trees and human rights/ethics in 5 religions: aboriginal, south asian, chinese, japanese and buddhist. Basically, take the theme of the paper and what`s already there and add more. This doesn`t have to be an essay. Therefore, you can make all the notes in point form. Please use the sources that are already cited for the paper. Just make sure you clearly label which points go with which religion. I will see if I can find some more information to attach to this file in the coming days.
Running Head: ECOLOGY AND RELIGIONEcology and Religion[Student Name][Course Title][Instructor Name][Date]This paper discusses about the First Nations community in Australian the Misassini Cree. Other neighboring Cree were hunting sets like Nitchequon, Neoskweskaau and people of Nemaska joined in 1930 to structure the Mistissini populace. The community depended much on hunting, although it was seasonal. They lived around Mistassini Lake for quite some times now. They respected nature trees and rocks being amongst them, since it gave them their livelihood. They also used to perform rituals in order to bring luck to their hunting practice CITATION Fol03 p 284 l 1033 (Foltz, 2003, p. 284). They not only offered purification rituals, but their rituals were closely associated with their hunting practice CITATION Cow00 p 56 l 1033 (Coward, 2000, p. 56).Although majority still thinks that Chinese people are not deeply rooted in religion, their culture was among the first to develop some intellectual incredulity for their gods. The community has therefore continued to dismiss religion terming it as superstition. However, their religion is mainly concerned with nature and society. The dynamic in the Chinese religion has been high throughout, with Buddhism remaining the most widely accepted religion in China. Until today Buddhism continues to exhibit great force in the various parts of the country. And although their influence is still unclear, their view and perception on rocks and trees still remain evident CITATION JCa83 p 73 l 1033 (Carmody, 1983, p. 73). They view them as holy and sacred just as their Buddhist counterparts across the world.The main idea behind Buddhism is that one should limit his or her own consumption and reproduction for the well-being of the entire matrix of life CITATION Cow00 l 1033 (Coward, 2000). Buddha gave the Four Noble Truths for the followers to adopt as ethics for the well-being of the matrix of life. The first two Noble Truths state that CITATION Cow00 p 153 l 1033 (Coward, 2000, p. 153): 1 Conventional lifestyle leads to suffering that cant be avoided 2 Ignoring the matrix of life and indulging in desires “results in the misery of an environmentally degraded and overpopulated planet”The second Noble Trust is perhaps the most important as it talks about greed and desires as they lead to misery and suffering of the plant. In a way, Buddha suggested that the desired object has a certain control on the desiring subject who is willing to do anything to get it. That could be the main cause of misery. Two terms used by Buddha are “over consumption” and “overpopulation” CITATION Cow00 p 152 l 1033 (Coward, 2000, p. 152). This may refer to wealth and the ancient desire to have a male child. These two desires have long been present in all the societies of the world. In certain parts of the world, a male child is still more desirable than a female child and it is in these ...

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Ecology and Religion Ecology and Religion
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