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[Solved] Duty and Causation

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[Solved] Duty and Causation

Duty and Causation


I Chose Law but this is a business law course. I have attached the instructions with the scan pages of the briefing. The briefing has 3 questions. Instructions Briefing Paper - Critical Thinking read the following sections in textbook Check the decisions of the highest appellate courts for each facts pattern. Assume your readers know the facts of each scenario and are seeking your opinions on whether or not each of the four subjects affect business in the United States. If so, provide the worst and best case scenarios. 5.1 supremacy clause (104) section 6.2 duty and causation (127) section 7.2 search and seizure (152) section 8.4 copyright (177)

BriefingStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Supremacy Clause – Rowe, Attorney General of Maine v. New Hampshire Motor Transport Association Each of the four subjects actually affects business in the United States. As regards 5.1 Supremacy Clause, the best-case scenario is that the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act, which is the federal law, preempts the state law. The preemption provision of this Act forbids the state of Maine or any other state from passing laws which relate to the services, routes or prices of motor and air carriers. The worst-case scenario is that the FAAAA does not preempt state laws which use the police power of the state to demand that motor and air carriers take measures to make sure that tobacco cigarette is not sold to people who are underage (FindLaw, 2014). Duty and Causation – James v. Meow Media, Inc. The best-case scenario here is that the actions of Michael Carneal were not adequately predictable or anticipated to enforce a duty of reasonable car...

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[Solved] Duty and Causation [Solved] Duty and Causation
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