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Draft a Treaty

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Draft a Treaty

Draft a Treaty

Your research assignment is to research and draft a treaty based on one of the cyber law issues studied in this class (Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Trade Secrets, Sales Tax in E-Commerce). You may apply the treaty to any two counties you wish. (ex. USA and Mexico). You may base your treaty on a copyright issue, trademark issue, patent, issue. Please do not use a real treaty; however, you should find a real treaty and base yours on that treaty. The treaty must be at least three pages and include the correct sections and language. Then you must summarize your research assignment. The summary should be at least a page long and include the following: should discuss the purpose of your treaty; why it is used or will be used; who will uses it; and your thoughts about the treaty. Your Research project should be drawn from a minimum of five articles or sources. One of your sources must be Lexis. These articles should be from quality publications and should be appropriately identified on a Bibliography page. You may use personal interviews as a source. You may also use a television interview, an employee manual, a dictionary, encyclopedia, or a finical report. Your Research Project must be in your own words. Do not copy directly from your articles without using quotes. This is cheating. You must put it in your own words. Do not copy a treaty. You need to find a treaty and model yours after it. Twenty points will be deducted if you copy any part of your paper. Sources You must also show where you obtained your research. You must create a bibliography. You must have five or more sources. The more sources the better. Your bibliography page should be single-spaced within the citation and double-space between citations. Remember, you can be creative with your sources. Personal interviews are a great way to be creative. Maybe, you could use the employee handbook of a company as a source. One of your sources must be from Lexis. Formatting Specifications: 1. The margins of your paper should be: 1"" left, top, bottom, and right. 2. The body of your paper should be full justified. 3. Each new paragraph should begin with a ½ inch indention. 4. The body should be typed in Times New Roman Size 12 Font. 5. Double --space between lines. 6. After writing your paper, and before submitting it-BE CERTAIN TO RUN SPELL AND GRAMMAR CHECK!! 7. Your paper should include at least four completely typed pages as the body of the paper; a separate bibliography page, in proper form.
LAW: A TREATY.Name:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (21, February, 2011) IntroductionA treaty is a formal agreement between two or more conflicting people, groups, countries or states as in reference to trade or peace. Thus, these conflicting groups will negotiate with there rivals in attempts aimed at reaching a consensus that will fulfill the demands and wishes of the two conflicting groups (Washington DC Copyright Attorneys, 2010).Copyright on the other hand means the special right that is given to an author or the creator of any given piece of work, which includes the rights of distributing, copying or adopting the original work and these rights (Rosenoer, 1997). Accorded to the author only after the work is registered. And the owner of the work has the right over the work for a limited period of time and also when there is fair use of the work. A draft treaty on the cyber law Treaty regarding copyright in the United States This treaty will aim at reducing the cases of copyright infringement as it will ensure that the original artists will receive some royalty and recognition for the use of the piece of work (Rosenoer, 1997). Which in this case is the user of a copyright and the internet service provider, known as the cyber-copyright law. Article I This section each party is subjected not to change, damage, destroy, or use the other person`s piece of work without seeking for permition or even acknowledging where the owner of the piece of work and if someone goes against the rules the individual is subjected to heavy penalty. Article IISection1. Each party isn`t allowed to publish, change, damage, destroy, or use the other person`s piece of work and place it on the World Wide Web without seeking the permition of the original author of the work. Section 2. Each party is not allowed to post any piece of copyrighted work as this will result to the individual facing heavy penalty for this offence. Section 3. Each party is not allowed to post a piece of copyrighted material in the net without the acknowledgement of the original piece of work (Union of Concerned Scie…, 1983). Article III Section 1. For the purpose of offence of assurance and compliance to the original owner of a piece of work, each party which in this case is the user of the work and the internet service provider should verify each piece of published work before its posted and make sure that the article fulfils the principles of the copyright laws. Section 2.each party is not allowed to interfere with the set copyright laws that are set in place to according to section 1 of this article.Section 3. Each party is not allowed to deliberately hide proceedings that aim at hindering verification of the national laws that govern the success of the treaty.Section 4. Certification from the national copyright will be supplemented, appropriate by such cooperate measures for contributing of the effectiveness of the cyber -copyright law, thus ensuring that the...

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Draft a Treaty Draft a Treaty
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