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Doing business in China

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Doing business in China

Doing business in China

this is the begining of a research paper. Final paper will be order later. As healthcare in the United States continue to make a rapid change the need for advance technology is also making the necessary change. China population has carved out a huge marketplace for foreign suppliers to produce these types of devices. My paper is to offer an insight and provide the benefits of creating a business in China, to supply these devises.
Doing business in china Student`s Name Institutions affiliation Course Date Doing business in china Top of Form Björkstén, J., & Hägglund, A. (2010). How to manage a successful business in China. Singapopre: World Scientific. In this book, the author evaluates different management skills required to successfully manage a business in china. The author gives various case studies for effective business management in china. Through various cases studies presented by the author, the books gives important information required in managing international business in china. Bucknall, K. B. (1994). Kevin B. Bucknall`s cultural guide to doing business in China. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Bucknall (1994) gives a cultural guide on how to operate business in china. This is a significant guide for international business seeking to operate in china. The author analyses how Chinese culture has influenced the way people do business in china. The book is also important in understanding how international business can enter china and manage successful businesses. Ching, M. K. (2009). CFO guide to doing business in China. Singapore: John Wiley & Sons (Asia. In this book, the author gives a financial overview of doing business in china. The writer critically analyses various financial policies that are involved in doing business in china. The author evaluates financial markets in china and what factors influences the prices of stocks in the market. This insight provides the reader with adequate knowledge of the financial markets in china. Dahles, H., & Wels, H. (2002). Culture, organization and management in East Asia: Doing business in China. New York: Nova Science Publishers. Dahles & Wels (2002), analyses the culture of the Chinese people and how it affects business ventures in China. The authors also evaluate how culture influences various management decisions such as human resources management, marketing and logistics. They also analyze how Chinese people culture influences structure and organization of various businesses in china. Ernst & Young. (1994). Doing business in China. New York: Ernst & Young. Ernst & young provide the reader with various accounting and financial challenges that organizations are likely to encounter while doing business in china. In addition, the authors analyze various accounting policies required to do business in china. Th...

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Doing business in China Doing business in China
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