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Documented (annotated) bibliograpy

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Documented (annotated) bibliograpy

Documented (annotated) bibliograpy

****NOTE TOPIC CANNOT BE A MANAGEMENT THEORIST OR MANAGEMENT THEORY***** this assignment requires that you develop an annotated bibliography and 3 organizational outlines(for part 2).the bibliography contains the primary references you intend to use for the reminder of your assignment. The organizational outline contains the topic, thesis statement ,main sections, and the references you tend to use in each section. (part 1) 1. select a different electronics industry related topic for each of your 3 persuasive reports. 2. next select sources for your bibliograpgy that will provide the information required to write topical outlines and reports on these topics. when considering books and journals, look for those that provide detailed information about management and practices. 3.each one of the 25(will be shown below what they haveto be) entries in the bibliography must contain two brief annonations that state the topic supported by that entry and the importance of the entry to the topic supported. example: Aaron,J.E. The Little,Brown compact handbook(5thed.) Topic Supported: writing well organized papers Importance: This book contains detailed information on organizing sentences,paragraphs and reports 4. The title on your cover sheet for the this assignment should be "Electronics Management Bibliography". in the abstract that goes on the cover page, identify the topics that you will be writing about in 2,3,4. **submit assignment in the following order using the heading shown. put references in alphabetical order under each section and to put all entries under each heading in apa formart. the bibliograpgy must inculde: Books: 5 books dated 1997 or later with topics that include managemant , supervision, and/ or electronics realted topics(each entry must inculde the library where u obtained document.) government documents:5 government documents dated 2000 or later that are related to electronics management. joutnals: 5 mananagement,supervision, human relations, or electronics management related journal articles that are dated 2003 or later. periodicals:5 different articles from periodicals/magazines dated 2005 or later, each of which was published in a different periodical /magazine and all of which are related to electronics management.(each entry must inculde the library where u obtained document. internet: 5 electronics managemant related documents/articles that are currently available on the world wide web WHEN writing THINK IN TERMS OF FICAL ASPECT, LEGAL ASPECT, LABOR RELATIONS, PERSONNEL ISSUES, SAFETY, MARKETING, PUBLIC RELATONS AND SIMILAR AREAS OF INTEREST TO MANAGERS WITHIN THE ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY.LOOK FOR BOOKS AND JOURNALS THAT PROVIDE DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT MANAGEMNET THEORIES,CONCEPTS, AND PRACTICES. instructions for part 2 the organizational outline contains the topic,thesis statement,main sections, and the references you intend to use in each section. each outline should consist of one page , formatted s follows: (part2) thesis statement: put thesis here. you may want to inculde 2 or more sentences as rquired to explain or expand thesis first heading: state the main points you intend to cover in the 1st section of your paper. list references you intend to use in this section second heading: state the main points you intend to cover in the 1st section of your paper. list references you intend to use in this section third heaing: state the main points you intend to cover in the 1st section of your paper. list references you intend to use in this section
Electronics Management BibliographyName:Course:Tutor Name:Date of Submission: Annotated BibliographyTed Smith. Why we are challenging the chip: The challenges of Sustainability in Electronics vol 11 10/2009Summary: The journal depicts the situation of use of harmful chemicals in electronic industries. The harm caused by chemicals to mainly workers is also illustrated exceptionally well using documented examples. Smith explains the various deteriorating of health worker`s health and increased pollution in terms of water and health.Assessment: The journal manages to explain the various ways the management of the factories in the electronic industries are responsible for deteriorating safety standards.Reflection: The main area of safety in the electronic industry to the workers is relevant due to the expanded electronic manufacture. The journals relevance is seen as it exposes areas for improvement in the assessment of the easy the workers` rights are violated and the damage caused by exposure to harmful; substances and chemicals in the course of their duty.Raj-Reichert, G. Safeguarding labor in distant factories: Health and safety governance in an electronics global production network, July 2012Summary: The article mainly deals with the safety and health standards in the factories mainly in the electronic industry. Raj-Reichert manages to show the health and safety standards levels in the industries in the electronic industry.Assessment: the article is complementary to available sources in the assessment of health and safety measures tackled by available resources. The article depiction of the safety problems is concurrent with the situation and offers recommendation to improve safety measures.Reflection: Safety measures and health problems faced by stakeholders in the electronics industry are enormous and affect a large percentage of workers. There is a need to make changes to the working environment and improve working accessibility to compensation for safety related illnesses.MarketingMcIvor, R. & Humphreys, P. (2004). Early supplier involvement in the design process: lessons from the electronics industry Volume 32, Issue 3, June 2004, Pages 179–199Summary: Mclvor and Humphreys detail the relation between the supplies and buyers in the electronic industries. The paper gives three main areas of the marketing perspective in relation to the electronic industry. The main areas dealt with are integration, information exchange and buyer-seller relationships.Assessment: The article addresses the various marketing areas necessary for the successful marketing of electronic products. The areas addressed by the article including the information flow, buyers-supplier relation and integration are essential for the success of marketing.Reflection: The article depicts the need for suppliers and buyers to have a closes relation to ensure the successful marketing and improve sales. Integration is also depicted as an important component for the successful mark...

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Documented (annotated) bibliograpy Documented (annotated) bibliograpy
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