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Do we need stronger regulations to prevent human trafficking?

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Do we need stronger regulations to prevent human trafficking?

Do we need stronger regulations to prevent human trafficking?

The essay would be argumentative. the essay should be analyze from all perspectives, and offer a solution. The format doesn`t matter.The essay should be about 2,000 words in length (three single-spaced pages; essays less than 1,600 and more than 2,400 words will not be taken). The essay should have a clearly defined policy issue which the author analyzes from all sides, and then suggests a policy solution based on the arguments presented.
Do we need strong regulations to stop human trafficking?Name:Course:LecturerDate:IntroductionHuman trafficking is a criminal offense where minority individuals in a society are taken away without their consent. The victims are taken to other countries for labor services and at times used in sexual exploitation. It is a form of slavery where individuals are deprived of their rights either through fraud or force. Victims of this act mostly involve vulnerable minorities, a certain social group, race or tribe. The victims are isolated from their culture, families, social network and even their country. Human trafficking is a booming international business and people are becoming more aware of the impacts of this business but still most countries have not enacted laws to cub the business. Where these laws have been implemented they are not strong enough and neither the citizens nor the government have tried to see the laws are strengthened. This crime is an international disaster, and it requires working towards its elimination. Combating this crime requires a comprehensive national wide solution. (United Nations office on drugs and crimes 2007).Human trafficking is so sophisticated that it can be considered from a number of distinct perspectives including: labour, crime control and lawless person justice, migration, sexual exploitation and human rights. This complexity is echoed in the broad variety of relevant treaties that simultaneously comprise the codified (treaty-based) lawful framework round trafficking. A small number of treaties, encompassing some that have been resolved recently, deal solely with the topic of trafficking. Many more addresses one slender facet, a particularly vulnerable group, or a particular manifestation of trafficking.In the attempt to prevent, it is important to strengthen laws governing international labour recruitment. This is because this union is directly associated with labour trafficking especially in the United States. If these unions are strengthened by being more transparent, they will reduce illegal fees charged by foreign labour recruiters` officials. These fees lead to financial bondage, slavery or vulnerability of any other form to the workers being transferred and as a result, they are mistreated and exploited so as to pay these debts. There is a need for strict regulation for labour recruiters so as to protect documented workers on fraud in the terms and conditions of a job when entering a country. Once these laws are strengthened, workers will not be deceived any more since the laws will provide a concrete basis to refer to when it comes to the terms and conditions of any job. There is also a need to strengthen laws governing the visa program in a country to help prevent exploitation of this program by the international labor recruiters.These recruiters operate in an environment of impunity. They promise workers good high paying jobs abroad and providing illegal visas, which eventually, force workers to s...

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Do we need stronger regulations to prevent human trafficking? Do we need stronger regulations to prevent human trafficking?
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