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[Solved] Discussion Questions

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[Solved] Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Please have done by tomorrow as it is due tomorrow. This week you are asked to post to these three issues. (1) an example of a consumer product currently being sold that you feel is not a morally responsible product (2) an example of when whistle blowing is morally mandatory and when it is morally wrong (3) an example of when marketing has crossed the line and become unethical. You may want to base your choices on examples from observations or experiences in your personal or professional life. To stimulate the discussion, watch the "Early TV Commercials" videos in the Content section under Week 6. The videos are featured on youtube, the first video is "Flinstones Cigarette Commercial", the 2nd "I love Lucy" Phillip Morris classic ad. One of the issues in this week`s discussion is when marketing has crossed the line and become unethical. Can you imagine your child`s favorite cartoon character taking a smoking break or America`s favorite family smoking in prime time? The videos this week will give you a look at the advertising in the 1950s and 1960s. These ads are from the UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos. The Phillip Morris classic ad was from a December 1952 episode of "I Love Lucy." The Winston ad was during the first season of "The Flintstones" in 1960. How would these old tv commercials fare with the ethics in advertising today? Early TV Commercials Flintstones` on ABC Sponsor: Winston I Love Lucy on CBS Sponsor: Phillip Morris
DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (15 September, 2010) Discussion Questions This essay shall outline how some of the old television advertisement like “Flintstone” commercial adverts for Winston cigarettes and “I love Lucy” a classic Phillip Morris sitcom adverts on tobacco. This shall centralize on how such advertisement would fare in the current mare and if they are ethical on social standing. Usually majority of the advertisement that is aired in the television between favorites programs and family shows are usually unethical. These ethical issues encompass advertisements which are unethical, deceptive, offensive, manipulative or harbors bad taste this usually create some form of fears to parents and entices younger generation into unethical behaviors (Semos, 2001). One of current consumer product which is being sold and is not a morally ethical product is ...

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[Solved] Discussion Questions [Solved] Discussion Questions
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