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[Solved] Discuss

Dialogue between Teacher and Pupil (Social Sciences)

1)Write a short dialogue between a teacher and a pupil,in which there is a conflict about the pupil`s bad grades,poor attendance and general lack of responsibility.in the dialogue the teacher should use the "helping method"comment on ways the teacher can best help the pupil.(2)Discuss "we are middle-class.Are we?"
Dialogue between Teacher and PupilTeacher: “James, where have you been for the last three days?”James: “I am sorry Sir, but I have been at home due to ill health”Teacher: “That is a white lie because you can not prove it. Why did you not inform the school authority, or why didn`t your parents even call to confirm your whereabouts? Your performance is terrible due to the issue of missing classes. You should attend your classes regularly to better your grades.”James: “Sir, I promise I will work hard this time round to better my grades and…..”Teacher: “No James, do not give your ever empty promises to escape the issue at hand. You know very well you are behind schedule and you did not do the last week`s papers” Go to the class and check with your teachers where you are behind schedule. Make sure request for make ups for the papers you missed.” From the conversation above, the teacher concentrated onto the problem of the student rather looking at the root cause of the problem. James looks like a student who is irresponsible, attends school very irregularly and thus has poor grades. The problem is not with the poor grades, but the reasons behind his dislike of school and the general irresponsibility (Jimenez, 2009). There ar...

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