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Discuss the role of the family in early childhood education

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Discuss the role of the family in early childhood education


Discuss the role of the family in early childhood education
EARLY CHILD EDUCATIONName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(18th April, 2012)Early Child EducationAlthough basic education is considered the work of the school, the family`s role in this process has also come to be appreciated. For success in the upbringing of children to be realized, the essential family-school partnerships will have to be formed. The strength of school family partnerships is in large part determined by both structural and psychological variables. (Structure refers not only to how well the roads leading families into schools are paved e.g. frequency and quality of interactions or roles for families in schools, but also macro systematic influences exerting pressure on schools, families and communities) (Blake & Izumi-Taylor, 2010).With the current emergence of a variety of approaches to early childhood education programs, some of which take place outside the formal classroom setting, public school people are now faced with a new set of issues concerning their roles and responsibilities. They have always recognized that non-public agencies such as church related and private schools are centers for education. However, they have never been faced before at least to the extent that they currently are with rival public and semi public agencies heavily engaged in the business of education (Feinstein, et al. 2008).“School people” used to assume that the years before 5 did not belong to them and therefore worried little about private or welfare-type day care or nursery schools. Now however, early childhood education is recognized as being a significant time to begin formal instruction and to provide comprehensive services to children whose families are economically unable to do so. as a result, parents not only seek for earlier education for their children but also some responsible, organized, institutional role in such education. This comes sharply into focus in the individual public school. Consequently, the principal is faced with the dilemma: whom does he serve? What is his constituency? How does he respond to the pressure of early childhood education? (Feinstein, et al. 2008).Until as recently as half a dozen years ago, administrators teachers and professors of education, held the commonly accepted view that the role of the parents in public education was: 1) to drop their children at the door o the school, and 2) to vote for the bond issue. Parents were of course welcome to observe or become active in the PTA or even on occasion serve as chaperons on a field trip. No one argued seriously that parents or parent organizations connected to individual schools had any decision-making role to play except to be voters in those places where boards are elected or to be clients. Yet, in the nursery school movement reaching back as far as the 1930`s, if not before, consistent and well organized efforts had been made to develop cooperative nursery schools in which parents performed many critical roles as decision makers, staff volunteers...

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Discuss the role of the family in early childhood education Discuss the role of the family in early childhood education
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