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Diner Prose Emerson & Thoreau

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Diner Prose Emerson & Thoreau

Diner Prose Emerson & Thoreau

Prose Dinner: Write a conversation that might have taken place between two or more authors over dinner. Remember to stay in the author`s character. You would want to use particular events as the subject matter(s). The key to making this option a success is to discuss topics in which the authors have a very distinct opinion. You may even feel brave and invite another author to join who could bring his/her opinions or stories to the table. This option would require you to read How to Write a Play. The quasi-play should be 1,000 to 1,500 words in length with proper use of quotations and citations. The two authors I chose are Ralph Waldon Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.
NameTutor`s NameCourse/GradeDateDiner Prose Emerson & ThoreauSetting: The Condor Hotel, Brooklyn, New York City at dinner time. Three hotel chairs (able to roll and spin) are placed at the centre of the stage. An elderly man looking both whimsical and cynical takes a seat on one of the chairs. The man is dressed in a black suit and looks very official. The sight of this man makes a person to believe that actually the man is an author. The man looks a beat serious. He is engrossed in a newspaper. (Another elderly man named Thoreau enters. Emerson suddenly enters while humming some tune).THOREAU: Hey! You have finally come to meet me at this place?EMERSON: What are you talking about man?THOREAU: It is only that I thought you will not honor my invitation to come to this place.EMERSON: Why do you think I would not have come to this place?THOREAU: Because I know very well we normally differ when it comes to our opinions on some ideas. EMERSON: It is good that you are already of that. On the contrary, the idea that we differ in opinion does not mean that I should skip appointments with you. In any case, in a democratic set up like ours, we should be in a position to accommodate the opinion of other people even if we do not agree with them. THOREAU: Okay then. That is what we call democracy. I also agree with you that the opinion of somebody on an issue should be respected a lot. EMERSON: Let us stop this yappy yapping man and go straight away to what brought us here. You know we have to finish our discussion and head home because I have a very problematic wife at home.THOREAU: Stop that Emerson. Since when did women start worrying you man? We are authors and actors and you can simply go home and act to your wife something to make here understand that you were in some meeting somewhere. EMERSON: My wife is not the type who you can simply act and then expect that the problem is solved. I married a lioness. THOREAU: I am very sorry friend but you make her understand the reasons which sometimes make you to arrive at home late. EMERSON: Okay. So what do you have in mind today?THOREAU: I called you here so that we could chew some few words about President Bush`s position to send our troops to Iraq. What is your opinion on this issue? EMERSON: That is a very challenging question but I think I will have to air out my views. Honestly, I am very much opposed to the decision by the president. This world needs peace rather th...

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Diner Prose Emerson & Thoreau Diner Prose Emerson & Thoreau
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