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[Solved] Dilemma of an Accountant

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[Solved] Dilemma of an Accountant

Dilemma of an Accountant


APA format , can be 1.5 or double spacing and font can be 11 or 12 ( Times New Roman) Abstract 2nd page 3-4 use sub headings 1) introduction 1 or 2 paragraphs , 2) major problems, 3)problem analysis, 4)evalution of alternate solutions,final recommendations, 5) summarize/conclusion (detect the gaps and omissions and consider how these cracks and holes impact stakeholders and the organical culture.

The Case study is Dilemma of an Accountant page 434-439 (Brooks & Dunn 6th edition) Ethics 

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Dilemma of an AccountantName:Subject:Date of Submission: AbstractAccountants always face dilemmas that not only conflict with their personal values, but also conflict with accounting principles. Daniel Porter met such an experience while auditing a real estate subsidiary for Bakers. As a result, he had a conflicting opinion with his immediate Boss (Oliver Freeman). Dan noticed the largest real estate property on the balance sheet was overvalued. His recommendation to Freeman was rejected even though he was ethically right. Bakers and the real estate subsidiary were the main stakeholders in the conflict. Five alternatives are proposed as solutions to the problem with reporting the case to a higher authority as the last solution. It is critical that the conflict affected two stakeholders: Bakers and the real estate subsidiary. This depicted Bakers as an organization that has no regards to ethical accounting. IntroductionThe public always expects a defined level of professionalism from accountants despite the reality that the scope of their work exposes them to ethical dilemmas. This owes to the reality that accountants hold senior positions that involve them in major business decisions within organizations. Such decisions are not easy to make and may often result in stressful experiences for accountants. One such situation is the knowledge of potential wrongdoing or actual wrongdoing. Dan, who is an ambitious accountant, rose through the ranks owing to his personal philosophies and hard work at Bakers. Recently, Dan received an assignment that had great prospects for a promotion with Bakers. He was supposed to work under Oliver Freeman, who was the project senior. It is notable that the project required Dan to audit a wholly owned real estate subsidiary. Consequently, Dan completed his assignment three days to the deadline and submitted a report to Freeman (Brooks and Dunn, 2011). This paper provides guidelines on the possible solutions to the dilemma of pressure to involve in falsified activities using Dan’s case as a case study.Major ProblemsDan completed all the d...

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[Solved] Dilemma of an Accountant [Solved] Dilemma of an Accountant
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