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The main aim of the project is to develop a system for Broadway Book Shop in such a way that all the current system issues are being resolved, with the help of System Development methodologies. Thus enabling Broadway bookshop to maintain a proper record without duplications and meet the deadlines effectively, reducing the complaint rate from customers. Main objective is to use information system analysis and design concepts to develop use case modelling and show a clear picture to Carrie Douglass, how Broadway book shop can be transformed into a Book shop with easy access and no complaint rate.

  1. Approach to Systems Development

As Broadway book shop is facing a problem with maintenance of book shop records as only one staff member is able to access the entire data .It is better to go with Joint Application Design (JAD) system development methodology. JAD allows the entire staff member to participate effectively thus sharing equal knowledge about the data which enhances success rate, when there is a commitment of all the staff members in the bookshop. This methodology allows in consolidation of large amount of information as well with high quality. Also when there is many staff members involved, multiple ideas also can be generated regarding the book shop.

And there is less chances of missing to meet deadlines because we will be having a facilitator in this methodology, with whose aid all risks and issues will be solved. When we have the perfect system being maintained there are very low chances of customer complaints .Facilitator is a key person who need to be skilful as he is person responsible for managing, planning, executing of our session. This methodology also decreases respective costs incurred as well time taken to develop, as in the period of 2 to 4 weeks, not only information is collected, requirements are also being gathered. JAD also allows Broadway book shop to customize their system when required with experience. It can be easily integrated with CASE tools so as to improve the productivity of sessions and also develop ready to use models.


  1. Systems Requirements


For any system it is mandatory to have Functional as well as Non Functional Requirements.

Functional requirements deal with the functionality. It handles the product features and the work concerned with the actions. The primary functional requirements for the system in the case study is processing the business manually, that which includes customer’s contacts, accepting payments and handling receipts. The details of customer and publisher are maintained with the help of excel spreadsheet.

 Accounting which plays one of the important key role in functional requirements, where in the case study all invoices are being created manually with the help of pen and paper and by setting reminders in Microsoft Outlook all the payments are being tracked. One more important functional requirement is employees, workers, and authentication of the customer which is important so as to get rid of fraud actions .Reporting requirements is also necessary to be aware what is book shop needed with.

 Non-functional requirements are those that deal with the product quality and characteristics.  Non-functional requirements for the systems in the Broadway Book shop are Books, types of books. We have 10 genres of book. Details of books of each genre, list of books required by the customers, price list of books are also required .customer’s details like Customer name, address, contacts details including contact number, address, email are non-functional requirements. This kind of requirements also includes factors like reliability on the supplier as well customer, Maintenance of records and books, availability of books and supplier.

  1. Project Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost–benefit analysis is a systematic approach for estimation of the strengths and weaknesses that satisfy activities or functional requirements those are required for a business. This analysis is frequently used in government and private sectors for purpose of appraising the desirability of a given policy.

It briefly speaks about expected balance of benefits and costs incurred, including an account of alternatives thus helping  predict whether the benefits of a policy costs, and by how much relative to other alternatives. It identifies the choice in deciding if we have to undertake the project or skip and go for other project. This analysis is a key to success as it measures before and after the structure of how the costs are being incurred. It also frames the resources that are being required in the performance of project work.

An analyst using CBA will be able to recognize the present and future costs perfect appraisal and benefits.

In our cost benefit analysis we are clearly calculating various factors such as net value, annual expenses, development costs, net present value, cumulative costs, payback period for period of 5 years. The payback period of 5 years is accounting to 0.4473$, with a discount factor of 1$, and the value of benefits for the period of 5 years is 1172171$, whereas discount factor would report to 0.7473$ by end of fifth year and net benefit costs would reach 851,171$.The cumulative net present value will tough the value of 33, 39,066$.


Table 1: Broadway Book Shop Cost Benefit Analysis

  1. Project Schedule


Gantt chart will provide us with information about how flexible is it for us to develop this specific system using this methodology. It will give a clear view of time taken by each task.

Work Breakdown structure speaks about how each module is functioning in our system and the prominent role of a specific module and shows the structure of how Broadway book shop is functioning. It is must that Gantt chart and work breakdown  structure together will let a person know regarding book shop and one of the issue facing by Broadway book shop will resolved by elimination of duplicates and manage deadlines.

Definitely it is a “yes” to maintain project schedule so as to increase the turnover of the Broadway book shop as well save time and have a brief idea how the cost is being incurred for a specific module and is it efficient enough or not. When there is such automation being done Broadway book shop can spread its wing even in other places also thus expanding market from medium level to high level. Even this book shop can give competition to other large book shops when maintained and organised so structurally.

  1. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques

Stake holders are those who have properties.

These are of two types:

  • Primary stake holders– Those who are involved internally in economic issues. In our system they are customers, suppliers
  • Secondary stakeholders- Those who are not engaged with internal activities but the actions will have effect on them. We have manager and workers.

The three most useful investigation techniques are:

  • Use case Diagram: This diagram clearly explains about the needs and usage requirements of the information system. From this diagram we can clearly understand the functioning of the system.
  • Class Diagram: This diagram gives the description regarding objects and classes; those are present inside the system and depict relationship between them.
  • Sequence Diagram: This diagram speaks about the time to time actions data flow so as to follow the logic of data within our system.

Usage of use case diagram in our system we can know the functionalities of the user. Say customer, in our use case diagram we can know the actions that customer need to perform as such ordering of book, receiving book.

Relating Class diagram, in our system we can clearly understand the relationship between two stakeholders, such as manager and publisher, which plays a very prominent role in our system so as to ensure success of the Broadway book shop.

Speaking about sequence diagram in our system it  is a must so as to ensure step by step procedure through which we can understand the data flow of our system based on each module.

7. Reflections and Conclusions

Achievements from this system are we are able to eliminate duplicates by this automate system and we are able to assign tasks through which we won’t be facing the issue of single staff member maintaining entire book information, and the information is shared and known by all staff members.

Summarising, with the help of JAD information system methodology, investigation techniques, as well work breakdown structure and cost benefit analysis we will be able to get a clue of what exactly is happening, time and cost required approximately through which we can decide to proceed with the project or not.

  1. References


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