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Design& Sustainability

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Design& Sustainability

School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Automotive Engineering

Coursework Brief


Module Title   Design& Sustainability

Cohort (Sept/Jan)


Module Code


Coursework No. / Title

Coursework 2 - Resit


Hand out date:




Due date:


Estimated Time (hrs)


20 Hrs

Coursework type:


Extensions allowed:

Subject to university regulations

% of Module Mark



Submission arrangements:


Submit a single report by Turnitin



Task and Mark Allocation:


See Attached page.


Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

3, 5




Teamwork, Problem solving, Initiative and enterprise, Planning and organising, Self-management, Learning,


For group work, individual grades will be determined as follows  (tick)

peer assessment - No

tutor assessment - Yes

log book         No

observed engagement - No

presentation/viva - no

individual elements - YES





Academic Conduct Statement:

University regulations on academic conduct should be adhered to. Guidance is available for academic registry and also from personal tutors.


Mark allocation guidelines







Work mainly incomplete and /or weaknesses in most areas 

Most elements completed; weaknesses outweigh strengths

Most elements are strong, minor weaknesses

Strengths in all elements

Most work exceeds the standard  expected

All work substantially exceeds the standard expected


Feedback arrangement: Mark Breakdown/ Online feedback on submitted report.


July 2014






School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering


209MAE   Design & Sustainability




This is an individual task, not group work


  1. 1.    Aim

This coursework aims to develop a number of key capabilities required in the mechanical product innovation process. Specifically these include: creativity, management, experimental methods, analysis and synthesis, and the application of information technology tools. The aim will be met by tackling a product innovation project based on satisfying a requirement associated with a mechanical application.


  1. 2.    Task

This Individual coursework utilises a commonly available car accessory and provides the opportunity to select,  justify and specify a prototype for your alternative design.

This will require students to draw from their knowledge of all modules covered in level 1 and 2 of their degree programme so far.

Working individually you should produce a detailed solution and validation for an alternative to a passenger vehicle scissor jack (http://www.eurocarparts.com/Scissor-Jacks). Your solution should demonstrate an innovative approach to solving the problem and the solution should be easily stowable in the vehicle without significantly reducing the available load space.


  1. 3.    Deliverables


Your submission should include –

a)      Individual report submission of the new proposal, submitted through Turnitin, by 2355hrs on 27nd June  2016 to include;





  1. 4.    Assessment

Marks will be awarded to each of the following,

a)      Requirements Analysis [10 %]

b)      Initial detailed Free Body Diagrams and appropriate engineering analysis or the requirement in consideration of loads and stresses [10%]

c)      3D representations of your components and a Fully Assembly model [15 %]

d)      Manufacturing  implications for your components, including cost  [15%]

e)      2D drawings to BS8888, including a Bill of Materials [15%]

f)       Validation of the final proposal to include stress analysis, DFMA, functional compliance and FMAE analyses (25%)

g)      Communication: Quality of Final Report Discussion [10%]


  1. 5.    Notes:


The report should comprise of a referenced, clearly written, sequential output which should address all elements expected for assessment. The report should also contain a discussion, which should consider and discuss all elements of the work leading to the final output. Expected word count is 1500 – 2000 words


Guidelines for report writing for engineers can be found on your 209MAE Moodle page

Further guidance can be found in the following texts –

    • Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design – Nigel Cross
    • Dissertation Writing for Engineers and Scientists – Mark Breach


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Design& Sustainability Design& Sustainability
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