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[Solved]Design of a Real-time Embedded Controller

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[Solved]Design of a Real-time Embedded Controller

The aim of this assignment is to discuss the design and implementation of a mobile robot with the functionality of a MAZE-SOLVER (not a simple wall-follower).

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:

1. specify the requirements for a real-time application

2. implement control software using real-time methods


Assessment Details:

1. Introduction

The UK Micromouse wall follower is a competition for small mobile robots (mice) that have the task of finding their way to the centre of a maze ( https://www.bcu.ac.uk/techfest for rules). A maze may be constructed such that there is a route to the centre that can be found by following the left-hand wall. Mazes can also be constructed that do not have a simple route to the centre and therefore require the mouse to search the maze, typically using a flooding algorithm, thereby finding the centre.

2. The assignment (60% of module mark)

(The report does not require the use of a micromouse, MPLAB, C18 compiler or other tools associated with implementation of code). You are required to present a report on the implementation of a micromouse maze-solver, submitted via Moodle (please note: this is for a maze solver, not a simple wall-follower).


1. An introduction to micromouse maze-solver is required. Use available text-books and internet sources to provide material.

2. Algorithms and diagrams should be used to demonstrate the operation of a forwardrotational PD position controller to give positional control of the robot.

3. An open-loop speed profiler should be described to give acceleration and speed control of the robot.

4. A discussion of sensor configurations for 3,4,5 and 6-sensor designs is required, along with a description of how the sensor readings would be used in the control algorithm to maintain a central position in the maze (tracking), and how they would used to determine the presence or absence of walls.

5. At least one numerical method for maze solving should be described, again with the use of diagrams and algorithms, clearly demonstrating how the mouse would navigate to the centre of a 16x16 UK micromouse competition maze.

The report should have an introduction to the subject matter, clearly defined sections that relate to the requirements, and a brief summary. It should consist of no more than 25 pages of A4 including diagrams, with a maximum of 4000 words.




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[Solved]Design of a Real-time Embedded Controller [Solved]Design of a Real-time Embedded Controller
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