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Demonstration Project

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Demonstration Project

Demonstration Project


The annotated bibliography should include 7-10 sentences describing the major points such as data description and general findings for each reading assignment (article or book chapters) listed above. Each reading should be listed in an appropriate heading/theme (i.e. organizational, individual determinants, and types of police officer behavior). 

The bibliography contains very precise, detailed information that is essential to the topic. It employs the correct format and exhibits excellent use of spelling, punctuation, grammar and format. It also lists articles in appropriate subheadings.


Grade: 81/105 (The paper focuses on the past research (i.e., how many articles have been reviewed and what they said) instead of on the actual findings from the readings. The findings are discussed predominantly in one sentence or not at all.) Demonstration Project Annotated Bibliography William Bechtel University of Cincinnati September 15, 2015 Alpert, G., MacDonald, J., and Dunham, R. (2005). Police suspicion and discretionary decision making during citizen stops. Criminology, 43: 407-434. 5/5 Alpert, McDonald, and Dunhum (2005) established that empirical studies that examine the social process affecting how the police form suspicions are limited. However, the authors believed that the social process affecting how police officers form suspicions is important to the justice system. It is because the social process determines whether an individual will be arrested, which forms the basis for the entire justice system. It is the reason why the authors conducted a study to examine the situational, demographic, and racial variables and how police suspicion. Consequently, the authors collected data from an observational study in Savannah, Georgia. The results of the study indicate that the minority status influences how the police form suspicions about their suspects. The study also revealed that the police could form suspicions because of an individual’s minority status, but the police did not try to stop the suspects from committing crimes ...

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Demonstration Project Demonstration Project
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