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Deliberation Logs Paper

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Deliberation Logs Paper

Deliberation Logs Paper


The instructions are on the attacked files, though I am providing the 4 sources needed, 1 scholarly and 3 editorials. The obama article is the scholarly and the rest are editorials. 

Garthwaite, C., & Moore, T. (2008, August). The Role of Celebrity Endorsements in Politics:

Oprah, Obama, and the 2008 Democratic Primary. Retrieved from http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~gelman/stuff_for_blog/celebrityendorsements_garthwaitemoore.pdf

This article relates to the topic of celebrity power in U.S. Discourse by giving a prime example of a political candidate rising to presidency with the help of the Celebrity Oprah, who’s influence may have increased Obamas vote population by 1,000,000”.

McKay, H. (2010, September 1). Kardashian Craze: Why Is the World Obsessed With a Family

famous for no reason. Fox News. Retrieved from


This article is about the Kardashians, it is related to our topic Celebrity power and U.S. Public discourse because it talks about how the Kardashians show causes children to aspire to become famous instead of trying to become intelligent as well as stating that the Kardashians will be more remembered five years from now than the Nobel peace prize winner.

Potarazu, S. (2013, May 1). How celebrities impact our health | Fox News. Retrieved from


This article is about a study done on how celebrities affect our health, directly and indirectly. The studies showed children tended to lean towards consuming food or product a celebrity endorsed, even if it was healthy food.

Zaru, D. (2015, September 5). Kanye West at VMA`s: I`m running for president in 2020 –

CNNPolitics.com. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/31/politics/kanye-west-2020-running-for-president-vma/

This article is about Kanye west and how he claims he will run president in the year 2020, this relates to celebrity power and public discourse because it talks about how a celebrity with no political aim can make a bold statement and have backers.


Type source citation according to APA(6th ed.): NOTE: Complete one of these (typed, please) for each of your three sources. Just begin typing the column will expand. Central Claims Support (Premises & Evidence) Identify Values &Assumptions Political endorsements have predominantly impacted the American politics with this aspect dating back to the 20th Century In as much as these actions may demonstrate a belief that such endorsements may be vital, the endorsements are in most cases substantiated by the media that they have little or no effect on the voter share(Garthwaite, & Moore, 2008). On the other hand, the endorsements of celebrities can also be traced in their roles in political campaigns(Garthwaite, & Moore, 2008). Many presidential campaigns have also considered the element of inclusion in using the celebrities in their political aspirations. Barack Obama the current president of the United States of America announced his bid for the 2007 elections, a factor that was influenced by a celebrity(Garthwaite, & Moore, 2008). The endorsement of Winfrey of President Obama gives a rare depiction of just how the celebrity endorsements have an effect on the endorsements of political results References Garthwaite, C., & Moore, T. (2008, August). The Role of Celebrity Endors


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Deliberation Logs Paper Deliberation Logs Paper
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