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[Solved] Deafness

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[Solved] Deafness



In first paragraph, provide a synopsis of the work. In the remaining paragraphs, discuss related elements of the story(why do people who are deaf believe they have a distinct culture; current trends in auditory training, how hearing loss depicted, how hearing loss interacts with generational, family and/or cultural. Here is a list of books to pick from: Michael Chorost, Rebuilt: My Journey Back to the Hearing World Harlan Lane, When the Mind Hears: A History of the Deaf Marlee Matlin, Deaf Child Crossing Thomas S Spradly, Deaf Like Me

Deafness Student:Professor:Course title:Date:Synopsis When the Mind Hears: A Story of the Deaf is a narration given by Harlan Lane in relation to the history of the deaf people in America. The author majorly focuses on the challenges that the deaf people have encountered over the years. Despite the fact that he is not deaf, the author writes from a point of understanding and appreciation of the history of these people. This is an informative read for both the deaf and the hearing. For the deaf people, it is not only encouraging but also inspirational. It is a source of strength, giving one an understanding of the huge milestones that have been made over the years. It also helps the deaf people appreciate the challenges that have been countered in the past and the ways in which these challenges have been overcome. On the other hand, hearing people get to appreciate the kind of challenges that deaf people encounter (Lean, 2010). As a result, they can appreciate deaf people and accord them an easier time in their day to ...

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[Solved] Deafness [Solved] Deafness
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