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Dangers of prescription drugs

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Dangers of prescription drugs

Dangers of prescription drugs

The professor will assume that all work will be that of the student�s, and students will properly acknowledge the thoughts and words of another if used in any reports. Plagiarism is defined as an �act of stealing (i.e., ideas and/or writings) from another and passing them off as one�s own is the act of literacy theft.� I use turnitin.com to check all papers/assignments for plagiarism. This software checks thousands of internet sources, research paper mills (such as freepapers.com, etc), journal articles, etc. Make sure to always CITE your sources in APA style, and avoid using large in-text quotes. Always paraphrase in your own words and then CITE the source. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Dangers of Prescription DrugsName:Institution:Introduction Many people live in ignorance of the dangers of the prescription drugs. Prescriptions have caused many negatives effects in the lives of many people. For example, it has contributed deaths, diseases and has left many disabled. Most of the drugs in use for treatment are under tested. This leaves them to be less beneficial to the patients because the researchers do not know the reactions of the drugs. This exposes people into many risks. Some of the drugs in the market have side effects to the patients. Drug prescription would refer to health care program used by the physicians to govern the plan of care for the patient (Benowicz, 1983). They are instructions to the patient, the nurse or the care provider. Therefore, wrong prescription would result to undesired outcomes. These aftermaths of the wrong usage of drugs may affect the patient negatively. Therefore, the discussion herein examines the dangers of prescription drugs.However, the prescriptions drugs if taken as instructed would do well on the people. Therefore, if well taken and every instruction followed then, the dangers of prescription would be reduced. The prescription drugs would be dangerous if the patients or other people misuse or abuse the drugs. There is a difference between drug abuse and drug misuse. Drug abuse refers to when a person seeks to achieve a feeling by taking the drugs especially if they take the drug in high amounts (Brown, & Stoudemire, 1998). On the other hand, drug misuse would refer to when a person takes drugs prescribed to another person. For example, if a person continues feeling pain even after taking the pills prescribed by the doctor may take some more pills a few minutes later thinking that it would work better. However, in both the cases of drug abuse and drug misuse of prescription drugs is dangerous and eventually would lead to loss of lives or complicated circumstances than the one they were trying to treat.A numb...

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Dangers of prescription drugs Dangers of prescription drugs
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