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[Solved] Customers and Their Needs Coursework

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[Solved] Customers and Their Needs Coursework

Customers and Their Needs Coursework

This coursework consists of one piece of work divided into two parts. You should ensure that you answer all parts. The total word limit is 2,500 words (maximum) and includes quotations, executive summaries and conclusions, but does not include bibliography. Quotations used should be kept to a minimum to support reasoning. Appendices should not be included, except in Measuring Performance where they are permitted, but will not attract additional marks. Note: Kindly note that some of my friend might be using this website for the same coursework. Any Plagiarism will cause me to fail. I got F in my previous two courseworks for the same subject done by this website where I paid for a very bad service. I don`t want this to happen again or this will be my last time dealing with this website. Please refer this course work an excellent writer.
Customers and Their NeedsName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:Executive summaryAccording to Ennew and Waite (2006), the ability of generation y to access financial services has been low over the years. This may be due to the lack and unavailability financial services information to young people. In addition, these services offered by these institutions, constrain the ability of the bigger segment of this generation the access financial services from FSOs. This is due to factors related to affordability of the services, the ability of generation y to access the service (physical access) and eligibility of such generation to such services.Marketing can be described as the set of business activities that occur in the flow of a product of choice from the points of development and production until such a product reaches the ultimate consumer. In the world, today among the many financial institutions the youth have been left out due to these institutions requirement on financial services offered, e.g. loaning requirements, minimum deposit, unattractive interest to saving of small amounts of money, ledger fees among others. Further, it is ascertained that the youths are the most seekers of financial services information among all the age groups. This generation lacks the most basic financial management skill. Many financial institutions across the world today, have tried to extend their hand to provide the youth with this skills and other services. Only a small number of this generation cliché been reached. FSO uses different marketing mix tools and strategies to accord their services to meet the needs of “generation y”. Thus, there is a need for FSO to look on to the critical issues of generation y and consider them in developing their products to meet this group.Marketing strategyAccording to McDonald and Dunbar (2004), marketing strategy involve the use of the 4P marketing strategy that is; product offered to our target market, market price of the products and services, promotion strategy of the products, and place of sale of the product. All these elements are very much connected and have effects on how the market responds to a particular product being offered.However, the 4P variables can be controlled by marketing managers, they do not act in isolation. This is because they act within a set of environment, which is a set of variant factors, which cannot be manipulated. This environment encompasses; social and cultural environment, economic environment, existing business structure, political environment, legal environment and the resource available for the organization and the organization objectives. Thus, understanding the role of the environmental factors will help managers to make the best manipulation strategies of the 4P of the marketing mix and ensure business success and high return for their business.The cultural and social environment, involves proper planning to meet the tradition, virtues, habits and the outlook of different issues ...

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[Solved] Customers and Their Needs Coursework [Solved] Customers and Their Needs Coursework
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