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Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Write a 4-page, double-spaced paper on the following: 1. Describe your ethnic and cultural background (be as specific as possible and describe your families` beliefs, traditions and rituals, etc). 2. We have all, at some point in our lives, been prejudiced or discriminatory towards someone else. Discuss a specific incident(s) when you have felt prejudicial or when you have discriminated against someone else because of his or her ethnic, sexual orientation, religious background, socioeconomic status, etc. Include specific examples. 3. Think about and describe how this negative behavior may have affected this person (i.e., low self- esteem, embarrassment, lost job/opportunity etc.). 4. Interview someone of a different culture, religion or ethnic background than yourself (either in person, over telephone, or internet) and ask him or her to educate you about their culture (i.e., foods, traditions, beliefs, religious rituals/events, holidays etc.). Write about their culture and then discuss the differences and similarities between your two cultural backgrounds. 5. Finally, answer the following: What can we do as a society to become more open and accepting of different cultures and how can we reduce prejudice and discrimination? 6. Be sure to answer all of the preceding questions.
Cultural DiversityName:Instructor:Affiliation:Course:Date:IntroductionIn the world which is comprised of different societies and institutions, there exists different types of culture, ethnic backgrounds, rituals etc. these are characterized by the different type of traditional beliefs among those different groups. This is because of the way the world is divided into different geographical regions; this is referred as the cultural diversity. This research paper introduces the reader into different types of cultures in the world, which has become a global village. It talks about different cultural and ethnic backgrounds based on their traditional beliefs and rituals (Tierney, (2007)).In the African culture where I belong, there exists different groups based on nations, ethnic and have their different cultures. In the nation category, the beliefs among the citizens are that they observe the national holidays and honor the Independence Day every year as a reminder of the time when they acquired freedom from the colonizers who were the whites. This is because we believe that this was the important part of our lives. We also mark the some day in the year to remember the founding fathers of the nation. In my tribe, we believe that it is a taboo for the women to wear trousers or any attire that exposes her body image where is deemed inappropriate. It is also immoral for the kids to acting in a manner that suggests that they are lacking respect to their elder ones for example; oin the vehicle a kid is not supposed to be sited while the elder ones are standing. Whereas in other cultures like the United States, everyone has equal rights in the public places. Different tribes also have their staple foods based on their geographical positioning. For example, those near the large water bodies are associated with aquatic food while those in the highland regions are associated with practicing agriculture and seem awkward for them to do fishing. In our culture it is a ritual that every adolesc...

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Cultural Diversity Cultural Diversity
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