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Cultural Diversity speech

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Cultural Diversity speech

Cultural Diversity speech


Choose any topic that is cultural and talk about it.It has to be orgnized as following: 1-Introduction ( 3 sentences) - attention getter - Thesis - road map/ preview Transition words, examples ( in addition, moreover, not suprisngly, ........) 2- Body a. Topic A Transition b. Topic B Transition c. Topic C Transition 3-Conlusion a. Attention getter b. re-statement if thesis and main points c. wrap up Please make sure that the words you use will not be complex and hard. Make it simple.

Student:Professor:Course title:Date:Cultural DiversityThe clothes we wear, the kind of music we listen to, and the food we eat in the United States have all been influenced by various dissimilar cultures found in the country. For instance, Mexican food is a vital component of an average American diet. Tex-Mex cuisine, which is Mexican food, is popular in the United States and includes dishes such as fajitas, chimichangas, nachos, enchiladas, tortilla chips and tacos. Cultural diversity is basically a variety of dissimilar peoples or societies who have dissimilar traditions, languages, nationalities, ethnicities, race, religions as well as origins and all live and interact together. A community – a city, region or nation – is culturally diverse when its inhabitants comprise members o...

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Cultural Diversity speech Cultural Diversity speech
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