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[Solved]Critical Analysis of tasks and responsibilities.

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[Solved]Critical Analysis of tasks and responsibilities.

Engineering Facilities Management                      Coursework

Background Information

Your client who owns the shopping mall has appointed you to consult on Facilities Management and the requisite future maintenance services for an ongoing inner city retail shopping mall complex.  This will incorporate advice on all communal facilities services planned and unplanned maintenance, cleaning and security for the new development. 

The client has limited your input to all communal areas including the retail shopping mall.

The Project Brief is as follows:

All areas to be considered fully in your report

  • Facilities Management
  • Maintenance
  • Economics & Procurement
  • Management
  • Plant & Equipment

Your client is a large financial investor has asked you, to consult on the St James Centre redevelopment in Edinburgh.  The investor is interested in procuring an appropriate Facilities Management company for the common areas of the finished project. 

They will shortly be going out to tender and have asked your firm to prepare an in depth report on the likely FM duties, advise on technologies to incorporate and sit on the interview panel for the company who will eventually take over and run the portfolio on completion of the works.

For each of the areas above, critically evaluate the main issues and produce a detailed report reviewing your detailed considerations.

The investor wishes to ensure that, with reference to the future Facilities Management of the completed project, that running costs are kept to a minimum. 

They are willing to agree to the additional investment of superior systems that have not been included in the design stage.  The developer is open to some design alterations within reason and where appropriate throughout the project, as they intend to retain the property on completion.

They have also indicated that they wish you to look at other relevant sectors and compare best practice there, with the view to implementing any relevant examples into their business model.

Module BSV 10113    Project Considerations

                        Facilities Management

  • Critical Analysis of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Considering Strategic, Tactical and Operational roles.
  • Research examples where the management of resources and the application of procedures has contributed to the improved delivery of core business.
  • Find examples of FM companies, and establish their background, the range of services that they offer, and their size.  Analyse your findings and comment on the conclusions drawn.


  • Critically evaluate what maintenance strategies may be applicable for differing company structures regarding: reaction times, maintenance planning, and quality of contractors.
  • Consider the difference between public and private sector maintenance and discuss in detail the shift to the private sector and resulting outcomes.
  • Consider the complex nature of maintaining a residential property where many occupants exist.  Discuss what steps could be taken and give examples of specific issues relating to collection of fees for required works.
  • Consider how quality standards are maintained relating to the role maintenance in the public sector.

Economics & Procurement

  • Consider and discuss in detail where specific building contracts should be employed.
  • Evaluate and explain the various types of contract and the procedure for competitive tendering.
  • Description of works.  Is this an essential document….Discuss?

Module BSV 10113    Project Considerations


  • Critically evaluate Due Diligence…….  Discuss the legal implications when omissions occur.
  • Building Manuals and up to date ‘’as built drawings’’…..Why are these important?
  • Consider the requirement for disaster planning within an organisation’s strategy

                        Plant & Equipment Section

  • A consideration of the philosophy of TPM.
  • The advantages that could be obtained from the implementation of TPM in the organisation.
  • A brief description of an implementation programme that could be followed with time scales for each step where appropriate.

The Marking Scheme:

Adequate depth and presentation

Detailed consideration of the subject area specified with a comprehensive narrative including an introduction, appropriate layout and section summaries and conclusion.  Presentation at an appropriate level, photographs, charts etc., and readability.                                          

                                                                                            (15 marks)

Quality of Recommendations


Showing an understanding of various appropriate technologies that in your opinion should be incorporated in your proposal.  Adequate insight into the appropriate use of technologies, ensuring a likely return on the clients’ investment.  What additional items would you recommend be added to the design to represent the most up to date improvements in FM.                 

                                                                                             (15 marks)

Post-Handover Management Proposal

Demonstration of how the above recommended technologies should be organised & managed in preparation for handover to the client.                      

                                                                                             (10 marks)                                                                         

Research / Case Study Evidence

Give at least 3 examples of an essential FM procedure that you recommend or of good practice examples in detail.  All textbooks, journal papers, articles, websites accessed, etc. should be included in your Bibliography, and any subject matter which is used in your submission should be included in your reference section using the Harvard system.                                                                      (10 marks) Total 50 marks = 100%


Project Submission Details

The work should be a substantial effort not just a reissue of the course notes.  There must be evidence of individual self-research. 

Evidence of critical analysis in each section is expected with current examples or case studies on key areas highlighted throughout each section.

Please submit a hard copy of the project to the SEBE school office submission box, the project should also be accompanied by a CD containing the whole report and the photographs.  This should not be submitted as a PDF file but should be in word format.

The front of the project submission should have the school front cover sheet at the start, bound in place with the rest of the work.  The CD should be fixed securely within a plastic wallet to the back page.

The preferred type style and size should be Arial 14.

I have not provided a minimum word count as this module is worth 20 credits and there is no exam, this must be an extensive submission for a level 10 module. 

Detailed consideration of the subject area specified with a comprehensive narrative with an introduction appropriate layout and section summaries and conclusion.

All textbooks, journal papers, articles, websites accessed, etc. should be included in your Bibliography, and any subject matter which is used in your submission should be included in your reference section using the Harvard system.

Presentation, appropriate photographs and readability. 

Hand in to school of Engineering and the Built Environment submission box in room C83d on or before week 10 

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