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Create a survey to collect customer satisfaction data

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Create a survey to collect customer satisfaction data

Total Quality Management


I need the order by Monday, September 29,2014 at 9:00pm eastern standard time. The paper is based on Total Quality Management Six Sigma. The paper is about a fictional failing pizzeria and it must include the following information: Develop a quality plan for a failing pizzeria by: 1. Create a survey to collect customer satisfaction data 2. Fabricate 40 entries 3. Use the best TQM to identify the largest quality problem 4. Next, use the best TQM tool to identify the root cause of the problem 5. Define corrective action 6. Use a TQM tool to monitor your improvement

Total Quality ManagementNameCourseInstructorDate Introduction Six Sigma is similar to Total Quality management (TQM) as the approach seeks to assists organizations in accomplishing Total Quality. Both concepts focus on approaches to facilitate continuous quality improvement that is essential to the long-term success of an organization (Tennant, 2001). One of the major differences between TQM and Six Sigma is that Six Sigma is temporary and is meant to improve quality after identifying challenges that inhibit growth. The Six Sigma approach focuses on the changes, focuses on the processes through which the management by first defining, then measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling process performance (Voelkel, 2005). This paper focuses on the Total Quality Management Six Sigma, for fictional failing pizzeriaCustomer satisfaction data Thank you customers for allowing us to serve you, kindly respond to the following questions.DetailsAttributeYesNoProductDo you believe that the pizza have consistent quality319To what extent is the range of products good2911The products I purchase are standardized and free from defects355DeliveryIs the delivery on time and speedy2416Staff and serviceAre complaints well resolved 364Does the staff respond to enquiries337PriceAre you satisfied with prices being offered319QM to identify the largest quality problem  The largest problem appears to be the delivery time of the pizzas as per the customer specification. The survey showed that there was negative customer feedback on the time taken to deliver pizzas. Even though, the business integrated both delivery and purchase of pizzas at various outlets. Delivery is an option that has the potential to improve the business and attract more customers because of convenience and flexibility of the option. The management has taken note of negative feedback associated with unpunctual deliveries, as this impact negatively on customer...

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 Create a survey to collect customer satisfaction data Create a survey to collect customer satisfaction data
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