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Cost of Capital and Equity Markets

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Cost of Capital and Equity Markets

Cost of Capital and Equity Markets


Cost of Capital

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Please provide American references that have current URLs and can be verified on the internet. Please use some references from the background information attached.


In light of the Enron, Worldcom, option back dating, government bailouts/nationalizations and Madoff scandals, do you think U.S. equity markets are cleaner and more reliable than stock markets in the rest of the world? 

Important Notes: 

i) Please note that this is an MBA course so you must show and demonstrate your ability to provide reasoning for your response to discussion questions. 
ii) It is also required that all the students participate on a regular basis and with some serious thoughts; that is, all the students are required to respond to minimum of two other students’ postings with some serious thoughts. In addition, all the students must provide their own answers to Discussion questions


Cost of Capital and Equity Markets Name Course: FIN501 MOD4 Discussion Cost of Capital Instructor Date The capital structure of a business integrates the debt, equity financing mix, and this then affects the business and financial risk (Pearson Learning, 2014). The financial risk has a direct impact on equity financing with variability in earnings given the use of securities with a fixed rate of return (Pearson Learning, 2014). At the same time, increasing the level of debt leaves a firm with less income to distribute to the stock brokers since there is a higher level of principal and interest payments (Pearson Learning, 2014). The financial risk is also associated with the likelihood of insolvency to shareholders when the financial risk is at a high level to the extent that


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Cost of Capital and Equity Markets Cost of Capital and Equity Markets
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