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Corruption Epidemic in Nigerian Educational Systems

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Corruption Epidemic in Nigerian Educational Systems

Corruption Epidemic in Nigerian Educational Systems


A DRAFT of your bibliography will be due IN CLASS on Wednesday, February 17. Please bring a PRINTED COPY of the sources you have collected, annotated, summarized, and reflected on that day.
I am expecting a minimum of 10 sources. 
My professor said we should write introduction of the topic before we start the annotated bibliography. Thanks for your usual cooperation.


Name Course Instructor Date Corruption Endemic in Nigerian Educational System Introduction Nigeria is faced with the problem of endemic corruption in the education sector, and this has weakened the sector while affecting the quality of education. Poor government financing and weak institutional systems make it difficult to eradicate corrupt practices in the society. The value–based system that encourages corruption in the private and public sector has had a negative impact on the education system with corruption and ethical malpractice being tolerated. The most common forms of corrupt practices are examination malpractice, bribery, nepotism, corruption to obtain material gain and abusing authority among the education stakeholder is systematic when it is systemic rather than simply affecting a few individuals. Olatunbosun, Basil. "Examination Malpractice In Secondary Schools In Nigeria: What Sustains It?." European Journal of Educational Studies 1.3 (2009). In the article, the author examines how examination evaluation malpractice among Nigerian Schools is at times flawed, and t this compromises the quality of education. Examination malpractice is a form of corruption in the education sector that poses a risk to certification.Moral decadence, societal and peer influence, are conditions that influence examination malpractice in secondary schools. Olatunbosun further looks into reason as to why examination malpractice has been hard to eradicate, while also ...


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Corruption Epidemic in Nigerian Educational Systems Corruption Epidemic in Nigerian Educational Systems
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