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Corporal Punishment as Child Abuse?

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Corporal Punishment as Child Abuse?

Corporal Punishment as Child Abuse?

Hi, I will attached the topics that can be choose from and also the instruction and criteria for this research paper. Please let me know asap if there is any questions. Thanks. Research Paper Instructions 1. Topic Choose an appropriate topic to conduct research. 2. Sources/Citation Your thesis is supported by evidence gathered from various sources (internet, books, magazines, video, etc.). You must use three or more sources. When you use ideas, evidence, facts, etc. that do not belong to you, you need to “cite your sources” using MLA style. 3. Length of Paper This research paper should be between 800 to 1,000 words. It can have as many paragraphs as you like. It does not need to have 5 paragraphs; quite likely, you need much more than 5 paragraphs for this assignment. You decided how many paragraphs you need. Last, your paragraphs can be as long or as short as you like. 4. Format Be sure to format your paper correctly. 5. Please see How your Research paper will be marked, later in this file, to review the marking criteria. RESEARCH ESSAY TOPICS Computer Issues 1. Internet security and persecution of cybercriminals should be prioritized. 2. Adoption of additional laws and regulations against cybercriminals may infringe privacy and hamper the growth of the Internet. Gun Control 1. Stricter gun control by means of licensing and laws will lead to systematic regulation and save lives. 2. The right to own handguns is constitutional and alterations are not reasonable. Animal Testing 1. Animal testing is an irreplaceable facility for scientific advancement. 2. Animal testing is unethical and should be prohibited. Herbal Medicine 1. Herbal medicine products are safe and effective. 2. Herbal medicine products are not safe and effective. Cloning 1. Cloning is the right solution for the creation of human babies for infertile couples. 2. Cloning is not the right solution for the creation of human babies for infertile couples. Pollution 1. Recycling is good from an economic perspective. 2. Recycling is not good from an economic perspective. Child Abuse 1. Corporal punishment (i.e. spanking) is an acceptable/effective form of discipline. 2. Corporal punishment (i.e. spanking) is not an acceptable/effective form of discipline. Genetic Research 1. Scientists should be free to pursue genetic research, which could have enormous benefits to humanity. 2. Genetic engineering could have unforeseen and dangerous consequences, and by trying to change our genetic makeup, scientists are undermining the basic laws of nature. Assisted Suicide 1. Physician-assisted suicide should be a legal option for terminally ill patients. 2. Doctor-assisted suicide is the violation of the primary medical principles and should be illegal. How your Research Paper will be marked Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Satisfactory Excellent Thesis/Problem/Question (10%) Student relied on teacher-generated questions or developed a question requiring little creative thought. Student constructed a question that lends itself to readily available answers Student(s) posed a focused question involving them in challenging research. Student posed a thoughtful, creative question that engaged them in challenging or provocative research. The question breaks new ground or contributes to knowledge in a focused, specific area. Mark Information Seeking/Evaluating (10%) Student gathered information that lacked relevance, quality, depth and balance. Student gathered information from a limited range of sources and displayed minimal effort in selecting quality resources Student gathered information from a variety of relevant sources--print and electronic Student gathered information from a variety of quality electronic and print sources, including appropriate licensed databases. Sources are relevant, balanced and include critical readings relating to the thesis or problem. Primary sources were included (if appropriate). Mark Analysis (15%) Student conclusions simply involved restating information. Conclusions were not supported by evidence. Student conclusions could be supported by stronger evidence. Level of analysis could have been deeper. Student product shows good effort was made in analyzing the evidence collected Student carefully analyzed the information collected and drew appropriate and inventive conclusions supported by evidence. Voice of the student writer is evident. Mark Synthesis & Writing Style (20%) Student work is not logically or effectively structured Student could have put greater effort into organizing the product Student logically organized the product and made good connections among ideas Student developed appropriate structure for communicating product, incorporating variety of quality sources. Information is logically and creatively organized with smooth transitions. Mark Documentation (10%) Student clearly plagiarized materials. Student need to use greater care in documenting sources. Documentation was poorly constructed or absent. Student documented sources with some care, Sources are cited, both in-text/in-product and on Works-Cited/Works-Consulted pages/slides. Few errors noted. Student documented all sources, including visuals, sounds, and animations. Sources are properly cited, both in-text/in-product and on Works-Cited/Works-Consulted pages/slides. Documentation is error-free. Mark Grammar (35%) Grammar Mark Major Errors 2% each • sentence structure • word forms/choice • verb tenses • verb forms Minor Errors 1% each • spelling/capitalization • singular/plural • preposition • article • punctuation • pronouns Total Mark for Research Report _____________ Comments
NAMEPROFESSORLITERATURE AND LANGUAGEDATECorporal Punishment as Child Abuse?Living in this day and age of self-awareness of ones right, one wonders what the place of discipline of children is. Today, if you discipline a child, which is considered child abuse. Children`s Rights agencies will gladly descend on you with the full backing of the law. Children themselves are much aware about their rights that a parent may be fearful of what to do with them when they misbehave lest they pull the line “I know my rights!” on them. However, where exactly do we draw the line between discipline as corporal punishment and discipline as child abuse? Doesn`t corporal punishment really help?Corporal punishment commonly referred to as spanking, is an age old form of instilling discipline into children. It is a discipline measure that has practiced across all cultures. If children from different backgrounds were to meet, regardless of their differences, spanking would be one of the few things they would have in common.Nevertheless, different cultures prescribe to different forms of punishment. In Africa, if a child did a mistake, probably the first thing the parent would think of is the cane. In the west, however, parents tend to dialogue a lot with the children. Spanking comes as a last result of consistent disobedience of the child. One school of thought would argue that all they knew was spanking and they turned out well so why shouldn`t they spank their children? Another school of thought would argue that spanking did them a lot of harm and they wouldn`t want to go down the same road with their children. Where exactly does this reasoning emanate from? 1 Anti-Spanking.According to Strauss & Donnelly (2005: 3-7) corporal punishment is one`s use of physical force on a child to control their behavior (qtd in International Journal of Business.1...

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Corporal Punishment as Child Abuse? Corporal Punishment as Child Abuse?
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