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[Solved] Contingency Theory

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[Solved] Contingency Theory

Contingency Theory

RESEARCH PROJECT (Research Component) Each student will prepare research paper formulated around the subject of one of the listed topics. RESEARCH TOPIC: Contingency Theory (is a behavioral theory that claims that there is no single best way to design organizational structures) The format for the research project will adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). RESEARCH PAPER FORMAT Introduction Background Discussion of the topic`s use in today`s business world Conclusion Reference List In formulating the analysis, the student will be required to do some outside research to support the history, importance, criticism, and analysis. It is expected that the reference section will contain with no fewer than twelve (12) sources that must be utilized throughout the body of the paper (at least 8 in-text citations). The sources must be obtained from textbooks, articles, books, etc. which may be obtained from HU Library. General web references, such as commercial sites and Wikipedia are not acceptable. Introduction ( 2 pages) This section of the paper must be “introduced” as major heading (centered) entitled Introduction. It follows the Title of the paper which is centered above it, in regular case. Essentially, the introduction “introduces” the project and describes the purpose of the paper and what will be accomplished through completion of the project. This section should be no more than 2 pages. Note: Although the APA Manual does not require a specific “Introduction” major heading, it is required for clarification for this paper. Background (1 page) This section provides a brief factual account of the history of the theory which should be limited to no more than one page. Discussion of the topic`s use in today`s business world ( 4 pages) Discuss your theory and how it relates to today`s business world. Give examples of your theory in use and where it may be used to assist in a leadership problem. 7. Conclusion— (1 page) This section should be the culmination of your analysis and critical thinking about this organization. It should be rich with your own thoughts, analysis, and interpretation. It should endeavor to persuade the reader that you have completely analyzed the situation and recommended the best solution in order for the organization to thrive and move forward in a positive manner. Remember, this portion fully states the case concerning why the particular situation exists and what can be done to rectify it. 8. References The only mandatory item that should be included here is a list of all relevant reference sources used in the construction of your paper. Your reference list must be properly formatted in APA style. It must contain a minimum of 12 references with 8 directly in text cited. All sources must be obtained from the LIBRARY and/or its online resources, books and textbooks are also permitted as sources of information. No information may be obtained from the www.
Contingency Theory Name: Institution: Contingency Theory Introduction (2pges) According to Carroll and Burton (2012), organization management is the practice under which an organization employs measures to ensure there is an effective and efficient structure that controls its operation. It is through the organization structure that determines how various departments and activities of an organization are controlled. Therefore, for an organization to have quality and timely production and service provision, skilled and experience personnel with the ability to govern towards the organization objectives should be employed. Similarly, Donaldson et al (2013) argued that organizations should take into consideration various management theories as they may have either positive or negative implication to the organization management. Likewise, on touching on the importance of an effective organization structure, Charles et al (2013) urged that proper organization formation should be one that provide conducive environment for all members of the organization in terms of proper communication procedures, good relationship and understanding of members of the organization, proper coordination among different organization departments and the development of effective and members friendly norms to govern the operation of the organization. For instance, through a well organized structure of an organization, all the three types of communication, upward, downward and horizontal communications should ensure proper coordination and timely production (Green, 2005). Another important issue that should be noted in ensuring proper structural of an organization is the ability of organization managers to agree on various decisions, be it long-termed or shot-termed decision, towards organization governing. Thus, a well coordinated organization structure should be able to come up with better strategies and decisions that are ...

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[Solved] Contingency Theory [Solved] Contingency Theory
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