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Contingency Project

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Contingency Project

Contingency Project

The security officer has just tested the disaster recovery plan with horrible results; systems that were taken off-line will not come up, data have corrupted the databases, and access to the network from the outside is terminated. What started as a 4-hour project is now approaching 18 hours. What do you do? • Develop a contingency project. o What do you do? o Who do you contact? o What escalation procedure will you follow? o How will you address this failure to management?
CONTINGENCY PROJECT(Insert Name)(Institutional Affiliation) OverviewThe successful response to a disaster should be able to address the following factors:To minimize the extent and number of the security incidentBring together the response teamDevelop an incident response planContain the damage and minimize the risks associated with itThe contingent plan adopted for this scenario will be follows:Assessment This is the initial stage of the plan and involves the definition of the main objectives of the plan, the departments or individuals to be involved and their responsibilities. This is achieved by developing a formal policy statement and guidance which will be necessary to develop an effective contingency plan (Resnburg, 2011).AnalysisThe business impact analysis needs to be conducted to prioritize the systems that are important in supporting the functions of the organization. This way, an identification of the critical systems and functions that the business heavily relies on are identified. The length of time that the business can operate without such services and systems is then estimated. The business impact assessment report should be sent to the relevant steering committee and hence the time limits within which these services and processes should be recovered are clearly determined.Requirements definitionThe recovery requirements should be developed. The resources needed to support the most vital organs of the institution are identified should be identified. This will involve the profiling of major hardware like the personal computers and the voicemail communications. This will enable restore communication (Microsoft Technet, 2011). In addition, the necessary software available must be documented, facilities like the working spaces and the personnel for each unit must be determined. For this instance, the public network system must be analyzed to restore communication. Development of the recovery planThe necessary recovery plans and components need to be documented to aid this proces...

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Contingency Project Contingency Project
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