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Contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership

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Contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership

Contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership

Prepare 10 page paper on the supervisor and manager as an effective leader. This includes, but is not limited to comparing and contrasting the following issues relating to contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership: Prepare approximately 2 pages on each topic: 1) principles of leadership, 2) leadership styles, 3) leadership traits, 4) effective decision making, 5) motivation/employee performance. Use Management and supervision of LE personnel 4th edition (schroeder & lombardo) and police administration 7th edition (cordner & scarborough) plus 3 to 5 other sources.
SUPERVISOR AND MANAGER AS EFFECTIVE LEADERSNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of Submission Effective leadership in the contemporary world calls for attitudes and behaviors that are characterized to relate to humanity. Human qualities are beyond the conventional notion of authority since it is an enabling force enhancing people in an organization to perform and develop. Leadership therefore, enables the achievement of people`s needs and the aims of the organization to be achieved. The concept of serving plays a pivotal role since leadership involves serving an organization or people within it. The notion of leadership is inverted by ineffective leaders who perceive leadership as an opportunity to be served by people and to acquire personal status. Servant leader is the notion which has been employed in the modern world to depict leadership as an opportunity to give.People are the central concern of leadership since it involves decisions relating to all sort of things, but it is special due to its unique responsibility for people. Good leadership entails for emotional strengths and behavioral characteristics that draws on the leaders mental and spiritual reverses. Leadership is a reflection of the needs of the people which is a profound concept that has increasingly complex implications. Leadership is misunderstood with management as a task of directing and instructing people and decision making in an organization. Leadership encompasses trust and respect to people that is defined by behavioral traits and skills (Campbell, 2011). Leadership is thus, concerned with behaviors while management is chiefly about processes. Management entirely relies on measurability of tangible like capabilities but leadership include essential management skills that relies less on tangible capabilities such as trust , attitude and inspiration and personal character. Leadership does not rely on management processes, but it depends on way by which these processes are employed (Cordner & Scarborough, 2010). Leadership is dependent on attitudinal qualities described by humanity since it reflects the vital relationship of leaders with people, which are different to conventional skills and processes.Significant qualities of good leadership include integrity, honesty, humility, commitment, confidence, wisdom, compassion and determination. These behaviors and attitudes draw people who exhibit strength and inspire belief in others. Charismatic effect of a leader is as a result of these qualities from effective leadership. Leadership enhances people to connect effectively to their expectations to a basic purpose of an organization (Lombardo & Schroeder, 2002). This purpose thus, provides the important reference of employees` decisions and actions, an aspect in empowering organizations. The purpose and philosophy of an organization assesses the critical characteristics of an organizations integrity fairness, ethics, and performance that judge employees relationships. The ...

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Contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership Contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership
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