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Consumer Interview

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Consumer Interview

Consumer Interview

interview two cunsumers about iphone 4s and galaxy s2 interview two consumers about snickers and twix keep the following points in your interview what motivates them to buy the product? their decision making process for the product? who are the influencers in motivating them to buy? which brands do they prefer in each chosen category and if they are brand loyal? how much are they willing to pay?
Running Head: Consumer Interview Consumer Interview Student`s Name: Institution: Course Details: Instructor`s Name: Date: Consumer Interview With the release of the iphone 4s on October 5th, 2011, consumers have had the pleasure of using the phone; hence, making comparisons of it against the Galaxy s2. In relation, both phones are said to have sleek appearances (Samsung Galaxy s2, n.d). However, most of the customers prefer the Galaxy s2 to the iphone 4s for a number of reasons. The Galaxy s2 is lighter, installed with a processor that makes it pretty fast. It operates on Android with a magnificent screen display, and the camera is no exception (Android advices, n.d) The Iphone Galaxy has almost the same features as the Galaxy s2, despite the fact that it lags behind on the Android operating system. However, one of the consumers believes that it is still too early to speculate, which of the two phones takes the day. However, she prefers the Galaxy, which has the most advanced Android feature that helps accomplish tasks more easily and faster. The consumers are motivated to purchase the products due to the experience factor. After both consumers used one of the phones, they ar...

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Consumer Interview Consumer Interview
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