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Consequences of School Bullying

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Consequences of School Bullying

Consequences of School Bullying

Access ILRC journal databases There are two databases to check for psychology articles. The first contains journals published by the American Psychological Association, and is the first place you should look. Use the following link to access those journals. http://psycnet.apa.org.ezproxy.liberty.edu:2048/index.cfm?fa=search.defaultSearchForm If that does not work, access it by going to the IRLC (library) home page, select "Articles/Journals" under the Research heading, and then select "Social Sciences" under the list of Databases by Subject. Then select "APAPsycNet" database. The second is EBSOHost that contains other psychology journals published by other organizations. When using this, make sure you restrict your search to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals." Access it by going to the IRLC (library) home page, select "Articles/Journals" under the Research heading, and then select the "Academic Search Complete" database. If you are accessing them from off campus, both may ask you to login using your Liberty user name and password. This is the body of the paper. Do not use headings and subheadings – they are not necessary in a short paper. Their use will lower the score. If you use them, the instructor will read the paper “as if” they were not there. That means that a subheading is not a substitute for a well written transition. This section of the paper should consist of four-five double spaced pages. The first sentence in each paragraph must be indented. There is no deduction if you exceed this limit by a page, but you also get no additional credit for longer papers. You will need to discuss each of the two articles in the body of the paper. Use citations to inform the reader which study is being discussed. Do not refer to the articles as study 1 and study 2. Referring to them that way will result in a deduction. Use citations format to refer to the studies. Carefully read and study the guidelines for this paper before writing this section. Don`t assume that the format that you used in other classes is appropriate for this assignment.
Consequences of School BullyingStudent`s name:Social Psychology:Liberty University: Abstract The psychological and physical implications of school bullying are a cause for concern because of the adverse effects on the victims and, bullies and witnesses. Most studies focus on the victims, but witnesses to bullying may in most cases lead to continuation of the act through their inaction. This paper delved into the impact of school bullies on the victims through a review of three articles. All the articles are in agreement that the long term impact of school bullying is detrimental to the welfare of students, because this often leads to low self worth, and victims can at times become bullies themselves. Thus, school counseling sessions ought to identify both the bullies and victims, and encourage open communication to facilitate reports on bullying occurrences. Consequences of School BullyingThe acts of bullying and victimization typically impact negatively on health and psychological welfare. Nowadays, many studies on the impact of bullying focus on the victims and to some extent on the perpetrators. At other times, the perpetrators and the victims could be the same person, but on different situations. It is essential to distinguish between individual victimization and group victimization which have different degrees on their impact on the parties involved. In addition, identifying whether victimization has occurred for a long time or sporadically helps to utilize effective intervention strategies. This paper looks into the consequences of school bullying and victimization. Victimization occurs through the power relations between the victim and the perpetrator who tries to exert dominance mostly through aggression. Individuals of similar power are unlikely to engage in bullying. Both power and dominance are vital in explaining the effects of victimization, because the impact of threats from powerful and individuals with similar powers are not the same (Rigby, 2003). Bullying and victimization by a more powerful individual is harmful to the well being of the individual. Nevertheless, some studies have not made this distinction clearly, while others fail to mention power`s influence on the health and psychological status of victims. Most schools have some form of behavior policy that seeks to address school bullying in but this has not curbed the act. The psychological impact of school bullying could be far worse than thought, as cyber bullying is also on the increase. Cyber bullying may target the same victims of school bullying. Thus, schools need to offer more counseling sessions, while a...

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Consequences of School Bullying Consequences of School Bullying
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