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Complying with the drug free work place act

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Complying with the drug free work place act

Complying with the drug free work place act

i need about 4 pages about this topic with a cover page as well as a work cited page thank you their are two topics witch ever one you prefer 1)Complying with the drug free work place act 2)Seniority Vs merit in pay and promotion
[Name][Instructor`s name][Course][Date]Moving between the organizational levels by promotions, transfers and job rotation and layoffs define employees` life cycle as an entity in a business environment. These changes result in changes in status, and often, pay of affected employees.At the end of every year, organizations are usually faced with the challenge of selection criteria for determining which employees are eligible for promotions and pay rises, which in most cases are tied to one another. What to be taken into account when evaluating employees` suitability for promotions, pay rises and other forms of rewards usually dominates decision making in such scenarios. Many factors influence the criteria for selecting and promoting employees and it is usually a complex undertaking. Some employees who meet the selection characteristic may fail to get the promotion due to the complexity of the process. This is because, organizations vary in nature and structure, and criteria that may be suitable for one organization in the process may not always be the best option in an organization with a different structure and of a different nature.Seniority and tenure is an age old tactic that has been employed by companies and organizations to award employees pay rises and promotions. The more an employee stays with a company, the more likely he is to be considered for promotions and higher remuneration rates. As long as they are not involved in incidences or scenarios that may jeopardize their reputation and tenure while in service. This is a preferred method in some areas of the world where it is preferred to retain existing employees, instead of employing fresh graduates who start work with relatively higher remuneration expectations and less experience. Very unionized industries for instance steel industries, vehicle manufacturers among others also have a tendency to promote employees on the basis of seniority in the company. In some companies, employees get paid the same amount and there is little variance in nature and content of their duties and responsibilities. Here, the amount of time an employee has served the company is usually the basis upon which promotions and pay increases are awarded. Other sensitive industries like medicine, seniority is usually an indicator of experience and it is preferred to have senior emp...

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Complying with the drug free work place act Complying with the drug free work place act
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