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Comparison of American health care and the Chinese

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Comparison of American health care and the Chinese

Comparison of American health care and the Chinese

You may choose any country you wish to submit for approval in the Week 2 Dropbox (simply type the country into the Dropbox comment area -- no need for an attached document). Before you submit your country, make sure you are able to find at least 3 primary sources with enough information to write a quality paper meeting the requirements in both length and comparing key indicators of the U.S. Healthcare system to your choice country\\\`s healthcare system. Primary sources are the WHO, NIH, CDC, OECD, the county\\\`s national healthcare website, government websites and so on. Review the course project guide/template in Doc Sharing. It is only a guide and you do not have to write your paper verbatim from the outline in the guide. Reviewing it will help you formulate your own course project paper outline, and guide you in your research. An outline is very important because it helps you organize research, topics and write your paper. It also helps the flow of your paper, i.e., transitions from one subtitle topic to the next. The project requirement is a 6-10 page paper. Note that 6-10 pages means 6-10 pages of double-spaced written material with 1-inch margins left, right, top and bottom and a 12 point font. The cover sheet, table of contents, index, pictures, long quotations or multiple quotations will not count toward the 6-10 pages. APA format is required. When submitting your paper, please use the following file name, HSM310Project_InitialLastName.doc. So if your name is John Smith the name of the file will be HSM310Project_JSmith.docx. As you do your research, seek out quality primary sources for writing your paper. There is a comprehensive database of healthcare statistics for 30 different countries, including the U.S., from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Doc Sharing. This is an international organization that collects healthcare data. This document has 1,200 different data series, with a time series from 1960 to 2008. It is used by the World Health Organization, the U.S. and other OECD participants, as well as, the entire world to determine what may be the most efficient and effective way to deliver healthcare. The OECD, HCQI data will show where these 30 developed countries are at in healthcare services and which of these countries are making progress improvements. See the Excel file in Doc Sharing (OECD, 2009). Important notice the country of choice is France so the paper should written about comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system against France healthcare system
Comparison of American health care and the ChineseName:Institution affiliation:Course:Date of Submission”Comparison of American Health Care and the ChineseAbstractThe United States of America has without doubt spent a lot of money and other resources in ensuring they offer the best health care services than any other nation in the world. However when you compare the standard of health in united states and the other developed states it won`t appear in the top especially in cases of infant mortality rate and the low levels of life expectancy. The United States is not among the top nations that have a very sophisticated form of universal health services but it spends the most amount of money in the health sector.In theyear 2010 the American parliamentary congress passed a new bill labeled, regulatory reform mostly touched on insurance on the health sector. After the long debate that went down in march the bill Passed and was later passed to law by the president. However it is known the new law is not going to face any implementation up to the year 2015.On the other hand China has an in depth history of practice in medicine and health dating back to two millenniums ago. The first western medical practices were brought in to the country by missionaries from Asia around 19th century. The practice of medicine in the west has always continued alongside Chinese medicine. Since 1949 the health policy of china has improved over the years thus leading to better hygiene, improved sanitation and most important preventions of diseases both in the urban and rural areas. The new campaigns and mobilization of people in China ensured that health care reached even the marginalized rural society.IntroductionIn 1980s during the revolution in culture there was instability in health care which was caused by poor politics at the time. This led to attacks by epidemic illnesses. During this time there were severe consequences which had resulted from the bad politics and Cultural Revolution. There was decreased access to rural health care which greatly affected the rural population. Many years later the Chinese health insurance system issues medical insurance majorly depending on whether the insured is a rural dweller or urban dweller.There insurance cover comes in different levels like county level and rural levels tiers getting bigger grant and subsidized taxes from the government than urban level tiers. Nevertheless, the big cities still have international level facilities that offer first class medical attention and westernized hospitals. This facilities are however very expensive and majorly out of reach to the bigger Chinese population which is comprised of the common citizen. Additionally there is high rate of corruption in some of these facilities which is majorly caused by the poor earnings of the doctors who work on these big hospitals (Gerald, 2012).Importance of Reformation of the health care in China and the United StatesOver the last three decades china...

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Comparison of American health care and the Chinese Comparison of American health care and the Chinese
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