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[Solved]Community Health/Elderly/Lorena, Texas

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[Solved]Community Health/Elderly/Lorena, Texas

Community Health/Elderly/Lorena, Texas

Please keep wording simple. My instructor is not impressed by big words and elaborate writing. No plagerism. Watch for grammar errors. I am attaching everything you need for this assignment. Please read all information carefully as this is a major grade. The city you will be using is Lorena, Texas. Google it for an idea of how large it is (population 1700). The elderly problem being addressed is Nutrition, physical activity, and obesity in the elderly. I will provide photos required and the name of the interviewee. You will need need to make up information that is asked in an interview. Please I need a good grade on this. Thanks in advance. Also you will need access to Public Health Science and Nursing Practice by Savage, Kub, and Groves.
Name Module A: Community Health/Elderly/Lorena, Texas Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Population Health Assessment & Analysis of Community Resources CriteriaCommunity Definition  A community is a social unit comprising of people sharing and they interact and share common concerns (Bambs et al., 2011). Hence, members of a community function collectively to solve a common problem. Community vs. Population  Community health is also concerned with factors that affect the health of people at the group and family level, while community health focuses on determinants of health influencing populations, including health patterns and behavior of people. Community health involves delivering health services to families, groups as well as individuals, while public health is concerned with evaluating the health needs of a population. In community health promotion and disease prevention takes into account how different health outcomes affect health outcomes. On the other hand, population health Population health also focuses on specific community and geographic groups, while highlighting similarity in health behavior affects health outcomes (Noble, & Casalino, 2013). Community health nurses play a crucial role in promoting health outside hospital settings and home as th...

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[Solved]Community Health/Elderly/Lorena, Texas [Solved]Community Health/Elderly/Lorena, Texas
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