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Client letter to Jamie Blottner

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Client letter to Jamie Blottner

Client letter to Jamie Blottner


Facts that need to be taken into considerations when writing this client letter - clients name is Jamie Blottner -The client fell out of a second story window while being chased by a dog. The client wants to sue the person responsible. The incident happened on sept. 17th which is 5 months to the date of the interview. The client is in graduate school. The incident has caused the client to suffer from severe headaches which have cause the client to fall a semester behind in grad school credits and classes. The client paid for those unfinished credits with loan money that was paid directly to the school and not refunded upon her withdrawal. So she received no credits but still owes that debt. The dog that caused Jamie to injure herself was feed and taken care of by a local farm owner by the name of Dana Newton The person who actual owns the dog is billy Smithers Smithers lives on the farm that Dana owns. Damages suffered: Jamie suffered a broken leg in 2 places and had pieces of shared glass in her face The incident happed at a construction site the construction site consisted of a house being remodeled. There was no caution tape warning a person not to enter the home. The dogs name was killer Jamie only saw the dog once she enter the house. Billy Smithers was also a construction worker working on the house. Dana has deep pockets, as she has insurances and the farm. Billy has nothing he just takes care of the farm, probably best to sue Dana as she has the most the one could gain. Jamie has suffered from Headaches for over 5 months. Jamie had to replace her glasses Jamie had to have surgery to remove the shattered glass from her face. Jamie also lost clinical research time after the s Accident. Jamie is unable to see. This was Jamie`s first time ever being attacked by a dog probably will leave a lasting impression on her. Only source you should use are these pictures I will be sending. Those are the facts I will email further instructing via pictures.

CLIENT LETTERNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionClient LetterTo: Jamie BlottnerFrom:Date: November, 28, 2013RE: The Charges You wish to Place on Dana Newton, File No. ….Dear Mr. Blottner,Thank you for meeting with me this past week. In this letter, I will give you my legal opinion and analysis so that you can make an informed and qualified decision regarding the case you wish to pursue against Mrs. Newton. I will start by outlining the facts as I now then by now, so as to confirm their accuracy, in this I will seek your indulgence to confirm the facts as they are or to make any correction that you may presume. Next I will furnish you with a detailed explanation of the law as it applies in your case, and finally, I will give you my opinion on whether you may be able to recover from Mrs. Newton for the injuries.On the day of the accident September 17th, you entered a construction site that consisted of a house that was being remodeled. There was no caution site at the entry, or even inside the site to forewarn people of a dangerous dog in sight. It was upon entering into the house that you were confronted by the dog named killer, which is owned by Billy Smithers, who work at Mrs. Danna’s farm, which means that the dog attacked you in the premises of Mrs. Danna. Therefore, though the actual owner of the dog is Billy Smithers, the dog was being taken care of and fed by Mrs. Danna, who houses Billy as her employee at the farm. Upon seeing the dog that was surging towards you, your natural instinct counseled you to run for your life, and it was here that you fell out of the second story window injuring yourself. The physical damage that you incurred include breaking your leg in two different places, and some pieces of the shattered glass entered into your face. The broken limb rendered you immobile and the glasses lodged in your face have given you a five month continuous head ache, but even more critical is that it has cost you your sight. After the injury, you have had to replace your glasses, and undergo surgery to remove the pieces of shattered glasses from your face. The injury has effectively set you on a back foot in your studies, where you have had to fall behind one semester in grad school credit and classes. Owing to your financial constraints, you had to secure a loan to clear the unfinished credits, a loan that you had no authority over, as it was paid directly to your school, and which was not refunded upon your withdrawa...

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Client letter to Jamie Blottner Client letter to Jamie Blottner
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