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Cleopatra (Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George)

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Cleopatra (Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George)

Cleopatra (Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George)

please see attachment for details. Please follow the direction on exactly what its asking for. Paper will be check for palgiarism. SECOND PAPER In this paper you will analyze a modern fictional work dealing with ancient Greece or Rome. The purpose of the analysis will be to compare and contrast the modern version with the historical subject upon which it is based. In the first part of the paper you will describe the historical people and events of the story based upon research in-volving course texts, library materials and the Internet, including contradictions in the historical record and disagreements among scholars; you should consult at least three sources for this purpose. In the second part of the paper you will discuss how the author or director has presented the story. Among the criteria you should consider in this respect are the following: how accurate historically is the fictional version? How and why has the author or director shaped or modified the story for a modern audience? What kind of audience is the story primarily designed to appeal to? Does the author or director seem to have a particular point of view that he/she is conveying about the story? You should con-clude your paper with a brief discussion—or comparison and contrast of—the goals and methods of history and literature (including films), both in general and specifically in respect to the work of fiction you have chosen. You should choose a fictional work from the following list (works not on this list are also possible if you consult me in advance): Gladiator Cleopatra The Mask of Apollo Spartacus The Praise Singer Ben Hur The Last of the Wine I, Claudius The Persian Boy Antony and Cleopatra Alexander Coriolanus Julius Caesar Rome 300 Titus Andronicus Titus Empire Since this paper will involve research, please familiarize yourself with appropriate citation of resources in order to properly credit sources and avoid plagiarism; I strongly suggest that you consult Diana Hacker`s website www.dianahacker.com/resdoc/. Also, please be aware that Wikipedia should be considered a source if consulted and/or if any ideas or phrases longer than three words are used from this site or any other site. Reference to sources should include citations where appropriate within the text of your paper as well as a list of works cited at the end. In addition to a hard copy, please also submit an electronic copy to Turnitin Assignments in Blackboard. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RESEARCH PAPER WILL BE CHECK FOR PALGIARISM
Student nameInstitutionProfessorDate CLEOPATRAThe Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George is a fictional book that describes the unraveling of historical events surrounding the life of Cleopatra. Thus, the book concurs with historical records affiliated to some of the world`s renowned historians; hence, the writer expresses her ability to wander around the world of imagination. In addition, accounts of Cleopatra`s life according to historical facts reveal that Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, being the daughter of Ptolemy XII, who was king at the time (George 87). She was born in 69 BC, to the royal family. Following the eruption of disagreements in her family, which resulted to conflicts between the father and his other daughters, Cleopatra became her father`s co-ruler at the age of 14; a position she held until her father`s demise in 51 BC, after which she automatically succeeded him; thus, inheriting the kingdom. Since Cleopatra had not been married at 18 years of age, she was compelled by other leaders to have her younger brother Ptolemy XIII take over the mantle of leadership. This was according to precepts of Egyptian customs. Therefore, she had to be married before she would assume any leadership role pertaining to inheritance of the throne. However, Cleopatra was not comfortable with the idea of power sharing that was to be executed with the assistance of her younger brother. This resulted to unnecessary misunderstandings; hence, the driving Egypt towards ineffective leadership processes of the kingdom. During her first 3 years on the throne, Cleopatra was engulfed with numerous challenges. This was due an occurrence of abject famine that was witnessed in Egypt at the time. The other reason was that Egypt was facing bankruptcy due to the economic recession that was present. In addition, conflicts had erupted due to the deficient flooding of River Nile, as well as, the existence of political ideological differences that were present in Egypt.Cleopatra, having not recognized her brother`s involvement in the power sharing deal, and in under no circumstance to express her willingness to share power with him, she ended up making wrong decisions, as she never consulted her brother. This contributed to a colder relationship until August 51 BC when she expunged her brother`s name from all official documents. Her portrait and name appeared solely on coins, which were being produced. Theodotus and Achillas plotted to overthrow her with an aim of restoring the throne in favor of her younger, so t...

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Cleopatra (Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George) Cleopatra (Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George)
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