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Classroom Behavior Management

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Classroom Behavior Management

Classroom Behavior Management

Students are required to write an essay to show their understanding to the concept of behavior management and suggest a practical way to apply the concepts into the teaching profession they`ve created. Student need to demonstrate how well they are able to use evidence to illustrate their ideas, to reflect on what they have learned, and to integrate theory and practice. Also, explain the limitations and what suggest changes. The teaching profession is a learning center for children who wants to come after-school to learn English and Arts and Crafts. There is not a specific type of behavior management because most children just comes once a week for 1 hr. age group is around 3 - 12 yrs old. Theres stickers/candies after class for the kids if their behavior is good. When the child is misbehaving, we warn them not to do it again the first time. If they do it again, we will start with the 3 stikes. 1st stike, no game time, 2nd stike, stickers/candies and 3rd stike you will go to the principle. Theres also a naughty/reflection corner for extremely naughty children who kept misbehaving every class (since the principle is not always here) We have learn the Fred Jone`s approach, William Glasser`s Noncoervive Discipline, Spencer Kagan`s Win-Win Discipline and Marvin Marshall`s Raise Responsibility System). the book we used is "Building Classroom Discipline, Tenth Edition, by C.M. Charles". Thanks!
Classroom Behaviour Management Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: Abstract Management of behaviour constitutes one of the greatest huddles that teachers encounter in their profession. This becomes worse if the schooling situation appears to be a special or a unique case. For teachers to be successful managers of their classes, they should endeavour to create an environment that instils positive behaviours, stimulating the students, imaginations and clarity on the part of the students. It is therefore, important for teachers to be knowledgeable on the management concepts so as to apply them in any given school setup. This paper will evaluate the management concepts such as Fred Jone`s approach, William Glasser`s Noncoervive Discipline, Spencer Kagan`s Win-Win Discipline and Marvin Marshall`s Raise Responsibility System. We will also examine how a teacher (who in this case is the manager) in a part-time learning centre involving kids of age 3-12 years can apply those concepts. Behaviour Management Concepts In a situation where students exhibit indiscipline cases, teachers should be mandated to use different methods and tactics, which will help the students in focusing towards their goals. The concepts of management should be effectively applied by teachers in a school setup, to ensure that everything goes on in a smooth way. In any school situation, it is a very important aspect for teachers, to asquint themselves with the knowledge of the behavioural management theories. The subsequent part of the paper addresses some of these theories. Fred Jones`s theory of classroom Management Fred John introduced a non-adversarial technique of making a class run efficiently. He wrote three books that addressed different levels at which the methods he posted could be deemed successful. One of the books was centred on creating a positive discipline mechanism. The second book was a focus on how the entire school fraternity could gain from the p...

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Classroom Behavior Management Classroom Behavior Management
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