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Challenges Undocumented College Students Face

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Challenges Undocumented College Students Face

Challenges Undocumented College Students Face

Please format the paper according to and with consideration to the following rubric attached (see the weight of each section). Also, please use the 4 sociological journal articles (pdf documents) as the 4 sources required for this paper. Thank you!
The Challenges Undocumented Students FaceName:Institution:IntroductionThe undocumented students would refer to as the students that are illegally in the United States of America. These students could have come with their parent, guardians or caregivers or they might have arrived in the US on their own. They have no legal documents to support their stay in US. This therefore, makes them encounter many problems. Particularly in the educational systems, they face unique officially permitted constraints and uncertainties. The statistics show that most of the illegal immigrants are citizens of the US by birth and their number has continued to increase as from two million seven hundred thousand in the year 2003 to around four million in the year 2008 (Hinda, 2004).It is not easy to determine the statistics of the undocumented students at a national level demographically. However, we can conjecture that the figures of the undocumented students nationally would relatively match those of the undocumented immigrants holistically. Additionally, around twenty percent of the unauthorized immigrants are below the age of eighteen years. Most of these undocumented students originate from Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Africa among others. Asia is the second largest country that sends undocumented students preceded by Mexico. When the University of California implemented the assembly bill allowing students graduating from California high schools recompense instate for their schooling, the number of the Asian unauthorized students went up forty-four percent of all the unauthorized students under the in-state tuition (Roberto, 2011). All the children living in the US have the right to elementary and secondary education despite their immigration status. However, the undocumented students face several challenges as they seek the education. For example, the admission and enrollment by institutions, tuition and the financial aid and higher education challenge. Many students have struggled to attain education in US because they do not have the documents of citizenship. This topic therefore, merits study in order to highlight the challenges with the undocumented students who are no lesser than the documented. Some of them are U.S. citizens by the virtue of birth. However, they do not enjoy their rights of education. In support of the topic are the review of several articles and the relevance of the study discussed in a similar setting.Our aim thereof is to draw on the experience of the expertise to shed light upon the experiences of this often-neglected population of the undocumented students. In doing this we will look into policies and practices limiting the professional and the educational opportunities available to and for them (Roberto, 2011). We further discuss the difficulties they go through in their educational facilities and communities and how the challenges determine their reach to higher education. The research draws a conclusion by offering a set of recomm...

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Challenges Undocumented College Students Face Challenges Undocumented College Students Face
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