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[Solved] Case Study McDonalds

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[Solved] Case Study McDonalds

Case Study McDonalds


I have attached the instructions: Yes please do 6A: do Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 (any other SWOT Matrix of McDonalds). and 6B: Step 2 and Step 3.

McDonald’s SWOT Matrix and SPACE MatrixStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:McDonald’s SWOT Matrix and SPACE Matrix6A SWOT Matrix Strengths Weaknesses 1 Strong international presence 2 Large market share 3 Strong brand name, reputation and image 4 Strong performance in the international marketplace 5 Customer-centric 6 Strong financial position 7 Specialized training for managers known as the Hamburger University 8 Introduction of new products 9 McDonald’s Plan to Win focuses on the 5 P’s – promotion, price, place, products, people 1 Customer losses because of intense competition. 2 Unhealthy food image 3 Ignoring breakfast from menu 4 Litigations related to health issues; use of beef oil and trans fat 5 High turnover of employ...

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[Solved] Case Study McDonalds [Solved] Case Study McDonalds
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