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Capstone Research Paper/Legalizing Marjiuana

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Capstone Research Paper/Legalizing Marjiuana

Capstone Research Paper/Legalizing Marjiuana

The Topic is "Legalizing Marjiuana" Prepare your research paper following the “a-g” format listed below: a) Problem statement b) Hypothesis c) Variables: 1 page d) Qualitative vs. quantitative approach: 1 page e) Research design: 1 page f) Findings and conclusions g) Annotated reference page h) As an attachment to your paper, submit a reflection statement on the value of solid research skills as it relates to the field of criminal justice. 2 pages In a separate page: Present a high-level overview of the major findings and conclusions drawn from the research on your selected criminal justice issue or dilemma. Analyze legalizing marijuana clearly and concisely. Support your findings derived from research.
Report: Legalizing marijuanaNameCourseProfessorDateProblem statementIn the United States , marijuana is among the leading illicit drugs being used. It is speculated that over 18 million people in America aged from as a young as 12 use marijuana each month. In addition a good number of people are taken to the emergency room each year with complications arising from use of marijuana. In the 1990, the youth were reported to have reduced the abuse of this drug. A 2009 survey conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, show that the use of marijuana use among the youth aged between 12 and 17 has increased by a margin of 0.6% from 2008 to 2009. This is attributed to the fact that the youth are no longer perturbed by the risks of smoking marijuana (Gerber 2004). The attempt to legalize marijuana has been rampant of late despite the stand taken by the Obama Government against drugs and drug legalization. This is being done through prevention campaigns, treatment and recuperation programs. Most importantly is to reduce and if possible cut off the supply chain of Marijuana. However, proposals that foster for legalization of marijuana still exist (Ruschmann 2004). Such proposals attach false advantages to the use of marijuana. For instance, stipulating that marijuana is safe and healthier than alcohol and cigarette. This is not true for marijuana has lots of negative impacts besides health implications which include social and economic degradation. This means that legalization of marijuana will do more harm than good to the society.VariablesLegalization of Marijuana is closely tied to many variables, some of which are logical and others ambiguous. The number reason for pushing for legalization of marijuana is to increase the revenue from tax. This was the basis of marijuana legalization in California (Gerdes 2002).The criminal aspect of this legalization aimed at reducing the number of individuals arrested with possession or abuse of marijuana. The ideology behind this is the reduction of unnecessary cost incurred by the government in arresting, medical testing and charging of suspects of marijuana. This will enable the resources of criminal justice to be channeled to other important issues. This extends to the cost incurred by the individuals in payments of bonds and fines. Such individuals will be relieved from punishment and stigma associated with criminal sentences (Gerdes 2002).Another school of thought indicates that corruption and violence which are major vices of illicit drugs like marijuana will be reduced. It is construed that by legalizing marijuana, black market activities involved with the drug will be eliminated and therefore hurt that results from such dealing will be overcome.Arguably, by legalizing marijuana, it will be easier to control its access by underage persons especially the youth. This is logical for in a regulated market the consumers of marijuana can be identified by their age.Some of the ambiguous consideration incl...

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Capstone Research Paper/Legalizing Marjiuana Capstone Research Paper/Legalizing Marjiuana
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