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The City of Yule is a local government area in Antioquia, in the north-eastern suburbs of Gundenai. It has an area of 63 square kilometres (24.3 sq mi) and lies between 7 and 21 km from central Gundenai. At the 2010 Census, Yule had a population of 100,000. The Iron River runs along the City’s south border while the west is defined by the Crocodile Creek.

The City of Yule has plenty of open spaces and parklands, especially along the Iron River and Crocodile Creek valleys. There are 617 hectares of open space owned by the City, as well as substantial areas of parkland managed by Parks and Gardens department. These provide a wealth of recreational, environmental and tourism opportunities for the region.

Cycling and walking through Yule City is a popular pastime, made enjoyable by the many kilometres of bicycle and pedestrian trails throughout the city, particularly along the Iron River and Crocodile Creek. There are 21 suburbs in the City of Yule (Banyule, 2016).


The City of Yule has a number of services to offer to its citizens including, but not limited to:

1.Permits- permission to carrying out various activities like house renovation, planning and building, gardening and landscaping (e.g. tree removal) and operating a business.

2.Rubbish and Recycling- regular collection services for residents: garbage collection collected weekly and recycling and green waste collected fortnightly, on alternating weeks.

3.Waste Recovery Centre - to divert as much waste from landfill as possible. This enables the residents to disposal of recyclable materials like glass bottles, steel and aluminium cans, fridges, mattresses, batteries, burnt motor oil, etc.

4.Parks and Facilities- for citizens leisure, recreation and multi-cultural activities.

5.Public Health -basic health services like vaccination, dental care, etc.

6.Libraries- each of the 21 suburbs has a library facility with an extensive physical collection of books, DVDs etc. available for loan. The libraries are also connected to an online library service to access databases, journals, newspapers, e-books etc.

7.Transport, Parking and Roads- maintaining, regulating and controlling the traffic within the city.

8.Community services - for the family, youth and the elderly (Banyule, 2016).

Networks and Information Security Case study - Copyright © Edilson Arenas - CQUniversity


Management Structure

The City of Yule is managed by the City Council elected every four years. The current management structure is depicted in the next diagram.

Figure 1 Management Structure (Adapted from Banyue, 2016)

Yule’s workforce is made up of approximately 1000 staff, with a wide range of nationalities, age groups, backgrounds and skills that enrich the workplace (Banyule,2016). The allocation of staff to each of the four directorates is as follows:

Table 1 Staff Allocation

Corporate Services


City Development

Assets & City









1 x Director

1 x Director

1 x Director

1 x Director

4 x Managers

3 x Managers

3 x Managers

4 x Managers

50 x Finance staff

100 x Health, Aged

75 x Transport &

50 x Capital

50 x Governance &

& Community

Municipal Laws


Comm staff

100 x Youth &

50 x Urban Planning

100 x Assets &

50 x HR staff

Family Services

25 x Property &


50 x Organisation

100 x Leisure,

Economic Dev

100 x Operations

systems staff

Recreation and


100 x Parks &


Cultural services







Networks and Information Security Case study - Copyright © Edilson Arenas - CQUniversity


City of Yule Facilities and ICT infrastructure

Yule’s facilities comprise 4 main buildings: 1) Headquarters, 2) Operations Centre, 3) Community Centre, and 4) Maintenance Yard. There are also 21 buildings to house the libraries and two (2) waste recovery centres conveniently located in the outskirts of the city.

Currently, the City of Yule has a good ICT infrastructure to support all businesses and services within the city, however, leveraging modern Internet, Mobile and Web technologies, the Council is planning to modernise the existing ICT infrastructure as the first step to fulfil its vision of a smart city by 2025. Specifically, the Council is envisaging to use cutting edge technology for the following:

1.Smart Energy for public areas, residential and commercial buildings

2.Smart Transportation with smart traffic and smart parking

3.Smart Data

4.Smart infrastructure - to help address hazards, complications and costs associated with water, lighting and waste management

5.Smart Internet of Things

6.Automatic Online processing of permits and parking fines

7.Online payments

8.Driverless trucks for rubbish collection

9.Parks equipped with sensor networks to track fauna and protect the environment.

10.Bushfires prediction

11.Council Online Electronic Voting

12.Electronic surveillance of roads, parks and public areas

13.Reducing CO2 emissions through traffic management

14.Free Wi-Fi across the city

The implementation of such a critical infrastructure is not without a challenge. It demands a complete redesign of the current computer facilities and the implementation of a robust security plan to make sure that the services and the infrastructure are protected against any type of attack including physical and cyber attacks.

Your company has been selected to help fulfil Yule’s vision with the ultimate goal of being world`s most liveable city by 2025. The contract stipulates the following business factors that need attention:

1.City infrastructure to support a population of 130,000 in 10 years’ time.

2.Improve business efficiency through the automation of the majority of the city services.

3.Provide excellent customer service typical of a smart city.

4.Allow staff, registered citizens, and tourists to access the free Wi-Fi.

5.Allow staff to access the City’s computer network remotely using mobile devices like notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

6.Secure the computer networks from intruders.

Networks and Information Security Case study - Copyright © Edilson Arenas - CQUniversity


The contract also stipulates the following technical goals:

1.Redesign the current network infrastructure in all buildings as described above including provision for wireless services.

2.Implement a new IP addressing scheme to accommodate current and new services.

3.Increase the bandwidth of the Internet connection to support new smart applications and the expanded use of current applications.

4.Provide a secure, private wireless network for staff to access the computer network and the Internet remotely.

5.Provide a secure, Wi-Fi network for citizens and tourists.

6.Provide a campus network that is available approximately 99.9 percent of the time and offers an MTBF (mean-time-between-failure) of 4000 hours and an MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) of 2 hours (with a low standard deviation from these average numbers).

7.Automation of network management to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the ICT department.

8.Provide a computer network that can scale to support future expanded usage of sensitive applications including Council elections via online voting, electronic surveillance and car parking metering automation.

9.Provide security to protect the Internet connection, internal network, hosts, servers and data assets from intruders.

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