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Capitalism and Communism

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Capitalism and Communism

Capitalism and Communism

I NEED A DRAFT IN 4 DAYS PLEASE! "For Marx, there is no more antagonistic figure of capitalism than Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie himself condemns communism as a failed system, while Marx condemns captialism as a system designed to keep the rich rich and the poor poor" (Jacobus 384). Using support from both "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx and "The Gospel of Wealth" by Andrew Carnegie, and the required secondary sources as described in the attached instructions, argue for the best system in one of the following ways: 1. Argue which of the systems is best, while showing the faults of the other system. 2. Combine the best of both systems, arguing for a better `new` system. One of the sources is a book called "A World of Ideas" By Lee. A Jacobs
Name:Tutor:Course:Date:INTRODUCTIONCommunism and Capitalism are two different concepts used in describing the changes that occur in the process of civilization and development. Both concepts try to explain why there exists a transition in the society in terms of wealth and class. Throughout history, there has been a conspicuous difference in class among different societies. This has led to competition amongst the rich and the poor in the society. This competition is as a result of the poor trying to attain some wealth while the rich people find more and more wealth. It is a battle between the two different social classes in search for an equilibrium or equality in the society (Matias 23). This has resulted into a formation of two different groups: the Proletariats-who are the poor, labor providers and the lower class in the society and the Bourgeois, who own the means of production, are the rich and the wealthy and also those who are at the top socially and politically. Conceptually, different theorists have hypothesized different concepts in regard to both communism and capitalism. They have used subsequently varying ideological concepts to strengthen their arguments.Capitalism refers to a system of a society whereby there are no governmental controls over means of production, the final products, or even the pricing of these products. Individuals or investors otherwise known as the Bourgeois own the means of production while the Proletariats provide the means of production such as labor (Jacobs 12). Such an economy is characterized by stiff competitions among the Bourgeois who are only a few individuals with production powers in the economy. The Bourgeois are best known for exploiting the Proletarians by paying them low wages. Capitalism is what leads to an economy of ‘Haves and the don`t haves` as Karl Marx calls them (Brus & Laski 14).Communism refers to a society whereby all political and economic powers are combined or are owned equally. It is that kind of society whereby means of production and wealth are shared equally. In a society, no one owns the means to production and the end product is shared equally without considerations to the amount of labor input or the hours of labor (Brus & Laski 14). Capitalism on the other hand is defined as a social system whereby there is open competition on the ownership of the means of production, everything including wealth, income, labor and wages is privately owned and the government has little or no control over this. Private investors own their own firms and they dictate the wages of the laborers. Resources and wealth in such an economy are dictated by the forces of demand and supply whereby the prices of the commodities and their profit determine the wages and hence the wealth of the individuals (Brus & Laski 17). Contrary to communist`s perspective on equality, cap...

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Capitalism and Communism Capitalism and Communism
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