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[Solved] Business Plan

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[Solved] Business Plan

Business Plan

Develop a Comprehensive Business Plan for a Proposed Business. Develop a comprehensive business plan for a new, small business. This business must be a new business venture and not an existing venture. Fully analyze all of the required components of a business plan on the separate outline file. Your business plan should be well written and 8-­10 pages in length a Word format. Please include and discuss at least three references (other than the textbook) along with in text citations and a reference list per guidelines for APA Style. Please make this business plan somewhat associated with a medical device idea/company (my resume is a medical sales background, so it will blend nicely) 1. Cover letter (1 p., but is separate from plan) 2. Title page (1 p.) 3. Table of contents (1 p.) 4. Executive summary (1– 2 pp.) 5. The company 5a. Company description (1– 2 pp.) 5a1. Vision statement 5a2. Mission statement 5a3. Objectives (optional) 5a4. Company background 5b. Product/ service and industry (1– 8 pp.) 5b1. Product/ service description 5b2. Industry description 6. The market 6a. Market and target customer (1– 3 pp.) 6b. Competition and competitive advantage (1– 2 pp.) 6c. Marketing strategy (1– 3 pp.) 6c1. Overall strategy 6c2. Sales plan 6c3. Competitive plan 6c4. Research and development or growth plan 7. The organization 7a. Legal and organizational structures (1/ 2– 1 p.) 7b. Key personnel (1/ 2– 3 pp.) 7c. Related service providers (1/ 2– 1 p.) 7d. Location (1/ 2 p.) 8. The financials 8a. Critical risks (1 p.) 8b. The deal (1 p., if needed) 8c. Income statement (2 pp.) 8d. Cash flow projection (2 pp.) 8e. Balance sheet (1 p.) 8f. Start- up costs (1 p., if needed) 8g. Assumptions (1 p.) 8h. Schedule (1 p.) 9. The appendixes (optional) 9a. Owner`s résumé 9b. Examples of other popular appendixes: Product or service pictures or specifications; customer/ investor contracts; marketing studies or pilot sales efforts; industry reports; price lists; floor plans; advertising copy; customer or spokesperson testimonials; letters of opinion
Business Plan Kelly Shelton SMB-300 Contents  TOC "Heading 3 A,3,Heading 5,1,Heading 9,1,Heading 4,1,Heading 8,1,Heading 3,1,Heading 2,1,Heading 7,1,Heading 6,1,Title,5,Heading 1,4,Heading 2 A,2,Heading 1 A,6" 1-1 Medical Company  PAGEREF _TOC383 h 4 Executive summary  PAGEREF _TOC399 h 4 The Company  PAGEREF _TOC2190 h 5 Description  PAGEREF _TOC2202 h 5 Vision  PAGEREF _TOC2728 h 5 Mission  PAGEREF _TOC2988 h 5 Objectives  PAGEREF _TOC3224 h 5 Background  PAGEREF _TOC3937 h 6 Product  PAGEREF _TOC3948 h 6 Industry  PAGEREF _TOC5094 h 6 Market  PAGEREF _TOC5757 h 7 Target consumer  PAGEREF _TOC5764 h 7 Legal perspective  PAGEREF _TOC7462 h 8 Key personnel  PAGEREF _TOC8308 h 8 Financials  PAGEREF _TOC9404 h 9 Critical risks  PAGEREF _TOC9415 h 9 Income statement  PAGEREF _TOC11159 h 11 Cash Flow statement  PAGEREF _TOC11181 h 12 Balance sheet 13 Assumptions 13  Medical Company Executive summary A medical services company would provide essentials services to people from all lifestyles. In the modern era of customized healthcare solutions, provision of services under a patient oriented scheme provides the ideal business plan. Medical care has evolved from crude methods in the early days of man to incorporate technologically advanced and scientific equipment. After the discoveries of pathogens and their effect on man, changes were made to the approach of medicine. In this respect, medical care morphs as human beings understand the nature and effects of disease. The latest forays of medicine have been concentrated in offering customized solutions to clients. Medics have often come under fierce criticism for their application of knowledge for custom-made solutions. Ethical issues cropping up from plastic surgery belies every case of popular, customized solution. In the interest, of public policy and healthcare provision, the customized solutions for medical aid offered are limited. In...

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[Solved] Business Plan [Solved] Business Plan
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