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[Solved] Business or Marketing plan

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[Solved] Business or Marketing plan

Business or Marketing plan

Develop a business plan leveraging the below template that outlines how you will build a financial advisory practice. Your business plan must include the components below. Note: you will be working as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch Company Business Plan Template components Component that must be included in the business plan Vision:- The “vision” for your practice describes what you want it to look like at a particular point in the future. It is your opportunity to dream about your ideal business and how it can benefit the client and the members of your practice. Your vision allows you to “begin with the end in mind.” Value Proposition:- The value you bring to a client differentiates you from competitors. Express clearly and concisely what your value would be and how a client would benefit from doing business with you. Professional Goals:- Provide 3 – 5 measurable professional goals and discuss the rationalization for each. Target Markets:- Identify 3 – 5 niche market segments that you will specifically target in your practice. List the market segments you will concentrate on and your rationale for their selection. Centers of Influence: - “Centers of Influence” are individuals in our lives who tend to be well known, well liked and very well networked. “Centers of Influence” are valuable in making introductions to people that we may be able to help as Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors. Identify people who are “Centers of Influence” in your life and the groups with which they can connect you. Marketing Plan:- Illustrate the tactical approaches you will employ to reach each market and discuss how you will distinguish yourself to target prospects.
Business or Marketing Plan Name Institution Course Date Business or Marketing Plan Vision I intend to be a leading financial advisor in wealth management, securities trading and sales, corporate financing and in investment banking. This will be achieved by fostering positive relationships with customers and adhering to the principles of teamwork, respect to individuals, integrity and self-discipline (Ehrlich & Fanelli, 2012). The clients will benefit by receiving financial advice and assisting them to get the right strategies for improving performance. Value Proposition As a financial advisor, I will focus on providing quality service and products to the customers. Customers` opinions will also be taken seriously in order to enhance customer satisfaction. By doing business with me, a client will benefit by getting workable solutions through my expansive experience on financial advising (Ehrlich & Fanelli, 2012). The issue of strategic management will also be of benefit to the clients, as I will provide them with the best strategies to be used in addressing their financial investment concerns from any place in the world. In addition, the clients will also benefit by making use of the exhaustive analytics and trading systems that are I will be providing. Professional Goals In ...

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[Solved] Business or Marketing plan [Solved] Business or Marketing plan
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